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Medical benefits of cannabis that everyone should know


The use of the marijuana plant to treat medical conditions or diseases is medical marijuana. The marijuana plant consists of more than 100 various chemicals known as cannabinoids. Every cannabinoid has a distinct impact on the body. Cannabidiol(CBD) and 

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the main chemicals in medication. Medical Cannabis contains CBD that has positive effects on the brain without making you high. Here are a few medical benefits of Cannabis that everyone should know.

1. Fight cancer:

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For centuries cannabis has been used as a herbal remedy. Fighting cancer is one of the benefits of taking medical Cannabis. Taking Cannabis gives relief for the vomiting and nausea caused due to chemotherapy. Smoking cannabis helps in reducing neuropathic pain.

2. Improves lung capacity:

The maximum volume of air your lungs can hold is the lung capacity. A Pulmonary Fibrosis Test measures this capacity. The test calculates the total volume of air in the lungs inhaled after the deepest possible breath. Smoking cannabis in the form of Cannabis is beneficial for the lungs, unlike smoking cigarettes. According to a study, Cannabis helps in increasing lung capacity and causes no harm.

3. Treats Depression:

Recent research suggests that Cannabis has the potential of treating depression by stabilizing moods. The endocannabinoid compounds found in the brain are similar to the ones in marijuana. These compounds regulate emotions and behavior. Intake of Cannabis stimulates these endocannabinoid receptors and helps in reducing chronic stress and improve your mood. Absolute beginners can buy Cannabis from a licensed online weed dispensary and reap in all benefits.

4. Slows down Alzheimer’s disease:

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most commonly occurring conditions in senior citizens. It reduces cognitive abilities in older people. One of the key reasons behind Alzheimer’s is the inflammation of the brain cells leading to the accumulation of clumps of a protein called amyloid. Some studies suggest that THC, found in Cannabis, appears to remove this protein and improve learning abilities. Also, CBD oil shows promise of anti-inflammatory characteristics for the brain.

5. Reduces chronic pain:

It is normal for your body to feel pain as a reaction in case of an injury. A painful condition like back pain, muscle strain, headache, and arthritis can trigger pain. Cannabinoids are one of the chemical compounds present in Cannabis among the hundred other chemicals. Due to their chemical makeup, they provide you relief from chronic pain. It is the reason why medical Cannabis, a by-product of Cannabis, is used in treating chronic pain.

6. Aids in Weight Loss:

Due to the sedentary lifestyle we are leading these days; most people suffer from obesity. People who use Cannabis are less likely to be overweight. They also have a lower BMI as compared to non-users. Cannabis helps in managing insulin while maintaining calorie intake accurately.

7. Helps treat Glaucoma:

One of the most commonly used applications of medical Cannabis remains the treatment of Glaucoma. After cataracts, Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness. In Glaucoma, the pressure in the eyeball increases, which leads to a painful experience. Studies show that Cannabis can help treat Glaucoma. Both CBD and THC reduce the intraocular pressure and protect the cells in the optic nerve, thus bringing relief to Glaucoma patients. Cannabis has little or no side-effects compared to other medications used for treating Glaucoma.

8. Helps in treating Irritable Bowel Disease:

Research suggests that Cannabis can be useful in treating patients suffering from Chron’s disease or chronic colitis. Both compounds of Cannabis i.e., THC and CBD, improve the immune response of gut cells and enhance the normal functioning of the bowel. Thus, Cannabis prevents harmful bacteria from causing inflammation in the intestines. 

9. Heals Bone fractures:

Another study shows that Cannabis can be useful in treating bone fractures.CBD found in Cannabis makes the bones stronger and reduces future chances of fractures. CBD improves the formation of collagen in the bones, which is a protein in the connective tissues, that binds the bone cells together. 

10. Helps in managing Autism and Epilepsy:

Similar to controlling depression, Cannabis helps in calming the moods in people affected with autism. It helps to calm down the violent mood swings of autistic children. Also, medical Cannabis in the form of a plant drug called Epidiolex is getting popular for its potential in treating epilepsy. Approved by FDA, this drug, extracted from Cannabis, is promising for its anti-seizure effects.

11. Reduces Anxiety:

Cannabis stimulates the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain that are effective in improving moods, emotions, and behaviors. Thus, a moderate dose of Cannabis helps control stress and alleviates anxiety.

12. Regulate and prevent diabetes:

Your family history, genetic makeup, ethnicity, and environmental factors can lead to diabetes. When your body has a lack of insulin, it becomes an autoimmune reaction. Studies show that Cannabis helps in stabilizing the blood pressure levels, maintain blood sugars, and increase blood circulation.


The above 12 medical benefits of Cannabis are just a few among the numerous benefits that this herb has. However, marijuana is yet to be fully legal in all parts of the country. There is a ray of hope that in the future, medical science will confirm more benefits of Cannabis and will pave the path for medical Cannabis to become legal throughout the world.

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