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How to Ensure the Safety of Pedestrians with Disability Issues?


The number of people that have some disabilities has risen worldwide. All these people get out of their homes and are pedestrians at some point or the other. They have jobs, go to schools, attend functions, and even go out for shopping. At their homes, the environment around them is very safe. But, once they are out of their respective homes, things become unpredictable. They can not be aware like the other regular pedestrians on the roads or streets. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure their safety while they are out of their homes. Here a few steps that you should follow to ensure the safety of the disabled pedestrians while they are out on the roads. Following these steps, you can help save their lives and do your part of being a good and responsible citizen.

  • Safely Designed Sidewalks: Most of the disabled people use sidewalks on a daily basis while going to different places. Therefore, the government should design sidewalks in such a way so that it is easier for disabled people to commute. The sidewalks should have a well-defined width so that the lightweight mobility scooter and wheelchairs of the disabled people can easily pass from them. The path should also be well maintained and should not have any potholes or bumps. 
  • Be patient on the Road: If you see a disabled person on the road or crossing the way while you are driving, you should wait for the person to cross the road. A little patience from your side can prevent some serious accidents as the disabled persons can not do much at that moment. You should drive safely and stay aware of any disabled person on your path. It would be really great if you could stop the car on one side and assist the disabled person. You can also honk so that the disabled person can understand the presence of a car near them. Doing these small things can create a significant change in their life.
  • Give Them a Helping Hand: Whenever you see a disabled person on the road, and you feel that the person needs help, you should always go and help. Your support can do wonders for them. Since they are not in a condition to fully support themselves, outside help can make tasks and things easier for them. It is also your moral and responsibility to help the ones who are in need. When you see them stuck somewhere, you should selflessly go and assist them as they can not do it all by themselves. 
  • Stop and Wait: Most of the accidents related to disabled people happen when car drivers are in a hurry. We often forget that disabled people take their own time to do things as they have some problems. We should be aware of and be responsible for how we act around them. We should be humble and make efforts for them so that they do not feel uncared. We can make little efforts like stopping the car for them so that they can walk through the crosswalk comfortably. These things that we do can maybe be small for us, but they mean a lot to the people having a disability.
  • Stay Conscious at Pedestrian Crossings: Being one of the most crowded areas, pedestrian crossings have a lot of people crossing the road at a single point in time. We all are in a hurry that we forget that someone might be struggling to cross the road. It is essential for you as a responsible citizen that you stay conscious and aware of the people having a disability around you. If you start doing this, you can save so many lives around you. Pedestrian crossings are one of those spots where most of the disabled people meet with accidents. Therefore, if you do your part and stay aware of the disabled people around you and help them while they cross, you will be doing your bit in saving their life.
  • Safe Curb Ramps: Curb ramps are important but what is more important is the safety with regards to the curb ramps. Curb ramps are generally not constructed by considering disabled people. The government needs to prefer disabled people and not healthy people while designing curb ramps. This is because disabled people face most of the problems related to curb ramps. There are so many accidents that occur with the disabled people due to the imbalance caused by the curb ramps. The government can avoid these accidents by building proper and disabled people-friendly curb ramps. These are some of the small things that the government can do to ensure the safety of disabled people while they are out of their homes. 

By following the simple above mentioned steps, you can help in saving a disabled person’s life and be a hero in their life!

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