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Which is best Unity or Unreal Engine for Android Game Development?


The current game market is progressing with the introduction of advanced technology and tools. After the world’s most popular games such as Fortnite and Pokémon Go the gaming industry is transfiguring. Using a game engine like Unity or Unreal Engine 4, Android game development is taking a huge leap with outmost features. Unity 3D and Unreal Engine are two major players to develop game development. Many times the developers are confused about which one to ultimately pick. 

Both powerful game engines are fully integrated development environments that offer complete control over the look and performance of the desired game. For game developers, it is important to choose a game engine and determines the quality of the gaming experiences. Talking about the gaming engine market, it will grow at 13% CAGR over the next 5 years and reach a valuation of $3650 billion by 2024. At present both Unity and Unreal gaming engines are rapidly growing along with the entire gaming market. There are business in gaming industry that are hiring Unity developers to transform their amazing game ideas into realistic eSports.

Comparing Unity and Unreal Engine:

  • Easy to Use and Integration

Compared to the Unreal engine, the unity engine is way far better for beginners. Developers who are starting in their game developing a career Unity game engine can be suitable for learning and understanding. As a leading game engine, it offers a lot of tool options to the developers that are easy to use. Developers can easily switch across various platforms: Windows, Android, IOS, etc.

  • Visual Level

Unreal offers a more inspiring range of visual effects and graphical features out-of-the-box. Developers can deliver high-quality visuals without necessarily working more with the Unreal game engine. Whereas, unity requires more efforts on a game to achieve high-quality optics. The unreal engine offers brighter visuals as compared to unity visuals. For good visuals for your game then the developer needs to opt for the unreal engine right away.

  • Performance

Talking about the performance, Unreal has the advantage over Unity. Unreal is more powerful and is capable of delivering some of the best graphical performance in the business. The games developed typically run faster, where the lighting effects are more impressive. Apart from that Unreal uses C++, unlike Unity, which uses C#. From the developer’s point of view, C++ gives programmers more control over memory management and helps to squeeze a little more performance out of a script. 

  • Community

As Unity has been free for longer, it has got a larger community of mobile developers contributing to Unity’s asset store. Though the community-made assets are available on both platforms. There are more mobile developers on Unity to share tutorials and offer tech support to the beginners as well as experienced developers. For the developers, the community plays a crucial role when it comes to looking for special effects, sprites, and high definition animations rather than having to develop them from scratch.

  • Ease of Use

Unreal engine latest version 4 and Unity are coming up with surprisingly straightforward easy methods. In both game engines simply dragging and dropping assets and objects into a scene is helping the developers to ease their complex task. This is helpful to edit the objects’ attributes or add scripts at any point in the game development. 

  • Graphics

Unreal Engine 4 is way ahead from Unity 3D when it comes to graphics used in the game development. It supports complex particle simulations systems and advanced dynamic lighting. Unreal Engine offers the capabilities to develop any kind of visual in 2D or 3D. In the upcoming Unity 3D version 5, it is expected to compete Unreal Engine. 

  • User Interface

Unity engine has a simple user interface suitable for Windows XP Service Pack 2. On the other hand, the Unreal engine has a bit complex user interface which sometimes makes beginner developers difficulties to use it. Form the professional point of view Unreal is the best engine you can use comparing Unity game engine.

Bottom Line:

Unity Vs Unreal, both game engine has its distinct features and abilities that make them stand out. The current value of the gaming engine market stands at $1750 billion as of Q1 2019. There are many game engines you will come across. The best way to identify your best pick is to understand the distinct features of those game engines. The trend of hiring Unreal developer is gradually changing after the latest updates and features in Unreal Game engine.  In the current gaming world, Unity 3D has a 48% market share whereas Unreal Engine is standing at 13%. If you are trying to build 3D, 2D or something that mixes both for your next game project them you need to decide which one is best for you.

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