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5 Refrigerator Issues to Watch Out This Summer


Now that chilly, frosty, and severe winter season is about to end and people are earnestly looking forward to welcoming spring then summer season there are few things that are going to need the rapt attention. First of all, the use of appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators will increase. At the peak of the summer season, the business of cooling appliances is at its peak.

Every year high-tech cooling appliances are introduced in the market and people buy them in order to make their homes and offices comfortable. However, there are certain cautions that are helpful for avoiding the damage to refrigerators and other cooling appliances. Before you move on to the solution get to know about some common refrigerator problems faced by many people in the summer season. These issues are discussed based on the experience of refrigerator repair companies

#1. Frosting Over The Evaporator Coil:

There are evaporator coils and fans in a refrigerator that help in the cooling mechanism of this cooling machine. With the passage of time, a layer of frost develops over these coils and the cooling of the refrigerator is affected. The fans fail to provide cool air that causes cooling inside the refrigerator. If your refrigerator is cooling poorly then there is a high chance of frosting over the coils. 

You can deal with this issue by trying manual defrosting.

#2. Fault In The Functioning Of Fans:

Fans installed in the refrigerators are helpful in the circulation of the cool air throughout the body of the refrigerator. If your machine shows poor cooling then check the fans. You can deal with this issue by hiring an appliance repair company in town. This company will proffer you the services to repair the broken appliance. 

#3. Broken Compressor:

One of the major parts of a refrigerator is the compressor that plays a major role in cooling the refrigerator. Compressor functions to evaporate and compress the liquid inside the refrigerator that flows inside the evaporator. This mechanism of evaporation and condensation is central in the cooling process of the refrigerator. 

If you feel that the refrigerator has stopped cooling altogether then there is a high chance that its compressor is out of order. Only a professional refrigerator and freezer repair company can provide you with the replacement of the compressor. 

#4. Faulty Defrost Mechanism:

There not just the cooling and frosting mechanism in a refrigerator rather a defrosting process runs side by side. This function is controlled by:

  • Defrosting timer 
  • Defrosting heater

If any of these two parts are out of order the refrigerator does not work properly.

#5. Dirty Condenser Coils:

As has been mentioned earlier in the article that there is a mechanism of evaporation and condensation thereby, condensers are installed in the refrigerators. However, if your condenser is dirty then a lot of heat will be generated. This heat will affect the functioning of your refrigerator. If the refrigerator is felt to be producing too much eat in the surrounding area then you must think about the cleanliness of the condenser coils.

#6. Improper Level Of Refrigerant:

A compressor is one of the main elements in the cooling mechanism of refrigerator likewise, a certain level of refrigerant is needed to maintain the cooling inside the refrigerator. Professional refrigerator repair can help in repairing this issue.

#7. Malfunctioning Condenser Fan:

There is a fan in a refrigerator that forces the hot air to move out of the refrigerator thereby, the refrigerator keeps on working perfectly. However, if the refrigerator is out of order then one of the probable causes is the out of order condenser fan. If the problem is untended then the temperature inside the machine will shoot. 

As a result, you will need to spend a lot of money on repair and maintenance. 

#8. Faulty Thermistor:

A thermistor is a sensor in the refrigerator that plays a role in controlling the temperature inside the refrigerator. It notifies about the temperature and starts and stops the cooling cycle. It is obvious that the refrigerator will not be able to detect the temperature change when the thermistor is out of order. It has to repair if you want to take the temperature readings timely and proficiently.

Now that you are aware of the common issues regarding refrigerator in the summer season it is hoped that you will succeed in avoiding it.

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