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Things to Know Before Buying Custom Candle Boxes


Regardless of the occasion, candles look perfect and they make ideal gifts for people. They can be decorative, practical, or romantic options, whilst releasing a soothing, enticing scent. If you are planning to gift someone a set of candles or a single piece, you will have to use custom candle boxes. These boxes are important because they keep candles safe and prevent them from any form of chipping at the time of transportation or shipment. They help to keep delicate candles safe from optimum temperatures. 

Custom Candle Packaging Can Be Wooden or Cardboard:

Before you buy a candle box for your business, you should know they can be made from cardboard or wood. Usually, wooden boxes offer a more decorative and intimate touch to the conventional candle gift. This is because they are often handmade. In the market, cardboard is a widely used product. This is usually a compressed tree pulp. These boxes are easy to hold, and their alteration could be in any way to suit a business need. It could also be in a way to reflect the personality of the person handed over to in an event or celebration. Regardless of the material you choose for the custom candle packaging boxes, each one has layers of paper to keep the candle well-protected. 

Candle Boxes Could Be Decorated in Many Ways:

All types of candle boxes can have decorations on them, the choice, however, is all yours. If you want to present your candle in a wooden box, you may be happy with the look overall. This is quite similar if the box is cardboard and has a nice pattern on the outside. However, both these materials make it easier to design the custom candle boxes in any way. For wooden boxes, you can ask your packaging experts, like IMH Packaging to cover it with fabric or paint it in any way to match personal styles. 

Flexible Sizes:

The sizes of the box can be flexible and spacious. This means they can accommodate the size of the candles. This means you can hand them over as gifts as well. Among the styles of candles, you will come across many types, ranging from large church candles, scented, to tea lights, and standard candles. You can have each one in different shaped custom candle boxes wholesale. Usually, many candle boxes are cube or oblong shaped. However, you can have circular boxes for an elegant, unique feel.

Boxes Could Be Pre-Made:

You can buy candles that sell in pre-made boxes. However, if you are searching for a different box, you may try shopping for one online. When you search online, you will get a wider choice of these. This should leave you with a new experience and give you an easier and fast experience. Shopping online is a convenient and cheaper option.

Suitable for Various Occasions:

Candles serve as ideal gift items for various occasions, or events. You can choose these in various sizes, shapes, and colors. You can use them for various celebrations, such as a birthday party, Christmas party, date night and similar other events. 

Regardless of the occasion, you choose them for, custom candle packaging can look stunning and add more value to the event. The appearance of the boxes depends on the quality of the material used to make them. If you buy a good quality box, it can last for a long time and keep the candle well-protected. Before you choose the boxes, make sure it’s high in quality, has the right content printed on top to grab buyer attention, and affordable enough to fit within your budget. 

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