WordPress is by far one of the leading and largest Content management systems (CMS) in the web market. According to recent statistics, 36% of websites are empowered by WordPress. It rules google SERP with 2.28 billion results. 62% of the market share is under WordPress. The other platform, such as Joomla has left behind with 4.7% of the market share.

For those businesses who always favour being on the top of the competition, PSD to WordPress conversion process is the one that they can go with. This conversion process is becoming prevalent in most of the web development companies because of several reasons. 

The process of changing the Photoshop design to the fully-featured WordPress theme is termed as PSD to WordPress conversion process. This act performs perfectly on every web browser and mobile device. 

Table of Content:

Why Choose PSD to WordPress Conversion ? 2

  1. Esteemed Scalability and Versatility 2
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly 3
  3. Pixel Perfection 3
  4. Responsive Design 3
  5. Improved Usability 3

Concluding Remarks 4

Why Choose PSD to WordPress Conversion ? 

The Photoshop design files elaborate on the website layout which is created from several programming languages. It is the best manner to convert a suitable website.  The user can develop an outstanding design according to your taste and requirements for your business website. The design companies can give the photoshop design to the development agency and in return, design an excellent WordPress theme for you. To attain an exceptional experience, you can contact or hire PSD to WordPress theme conversion company.

The website design can take benefits from then and get more business opportunities. Several benefits you can gain after the fulfilment of the conversion process. 

So, let’s find out how this process can be advantageous for your business and attract more benefits. 

1. Esteemed Scalability and Versatility:

This conversion process allows you to update, delete or modify the appropriate content from the web page. WordPress has the permanent scope because it assures outstanding scalability in terms of plugins and themes, information and data structure, and resources management as compared to other CMS.  

The security is assured in case of WordPress. So, any data loss and any attack is not its cup of tea. When it is about calculating the PSD to WordPress conversion, the plugin installation to the WordPress dashboard without any changes in the source code is a real bonus. 

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly:

SEO-friendliness is another major benefit that this conversion is giving us. Consider the fact that- if any blog or website is properly designed and is SEO-friendly, then getting rank in the search engines becomes easier. It let you eliminate the unnecessary links or codes that are already there in the designed theme. The process authorizes you to edit, add, replace or remove the meta tags and amend as per your needs.

3. Pixel Perfection:

The job of pixel perfect layout is to convert the pixels of any design into an alluring HTML web page. Besides, it migrates the web page into an ideal WordPress theme. WordPress.org has several free and paid themes. Every theme is valuable and is sliced with the pixel loss in the design only. So, the conversion provides the advantages of the pixel perfect websites. Few of the businesses are using the pixel-perfect software for analyzing the website perfection. 

4. Responsive Design:

If there is no responsive design then there is no customer engagement. Some of the web browsers, such as Google favours a responsive website and provide them with more ranking in the search results. Creating a responsive website means enabling it to adjust in the screen of all resolutions either it is a tablet or a mobile. Creating a responsive website with WordPress via PSD to responsive WordPress website is also possible. With responsive design, you can provide your website with the opportunity to rank in SERPs. 

5. Improved Usability:

By integrating with the excellent features, WordPress offers smooth navigation features permitting users to use and access many functionalities.  Multiple functionalities with plugins allow the users to integrate additional functionalities to the WordPress website. And, with WordPress, plugins can be used to execute a lot of things.

Concluding Remarks:

The PSD to WordPress conversion evolved as a chief and convenient way to create WordPress websites. It offers an opportunity for businesses to build designs according to their preferences.  

Here, in this article, we have mentioned the most useful advantages that one can get from PSD to WordPress conversion. These benefits have a crucial role to play when it is about developing a full-features and dynamic website.

We hope you liked this article. If there is anything that we have missed then let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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