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7 Amazing Strength Training Exercises for Women


If you are a woman looking to tone your body and improve fitness, then strength training is the answer for you. It brings a muscular figure for you and makes a woman look slimmer. Apart from strength, it also provides better ergonomics and posture to a lady. When you go to a gym, strength training should be your top priority. According to studies, whole-body strength training helps in removing belly fat, keeps diabetes in check, and slows down muscle aging. Performing full-body compound exercises build a robust hormonal response, which initiates fast metabolism and fat loss. Here are seven fantastic strength training exercises for women.

1- Kettlebell Swings:

It is a low-impact strength training exercise. This exercise is excellent for a woman’s lower back. It targets your hamstrings, core, hips, glutes, back, and shoulders. When combined with HIIT or circuit training, this exercise can elevate your heartbeats. The kettlebell burns more calories than the dumbbells as the center of gravity is eccentric, and you have to put more energy to lift or swing it. Thus the kettlebell swing helps in building strength as well as lose fat by burning more calories. One key difference in the lower back focussed kettlebell swing is not to confuse it with squats but rather swing the kettlebell by using the thrust from your hips and lift your back from a bent position. As a beginner, you can start with a weight of 4kg kettlebell and follow the right technique.

2. Farmer’s lift and walk:

It is a compound exercise suitable for beginner ladies to intermediate female fitness enthusiasts. You need a set of dumbells or even a suitcase for this exercise. This exercise helps increase your shoulder endurance and also acts as a great cardiovascular exercise when carried out for long distances. This exercise is beneficial for your core, upper, and lower body. It stimulates your biceps, forearms, triceps, lower back, calves, and hamstring. All you have to do ladies is lift the weights on both hands and walk. But, follow the correct posture while lifting the weights and do not droop your shoulders while carrying the weights.

3. Push-ups:

Push-ups are arguably the best exercise that a woman can perform easily to achieve the upper body and arms strength, including core, chest, and triceps. It does not require any equipment and is a free bodyweight exercise. As a beginner to female workouts, you can start with the wall push-up that involves pushing against the wall, and then you can progress to box push-ups by touching your knees to the ground and just pushing up against a box with shoulder and arms strength. As you build your strength, you can move on to standard and advanced push-ups that involve lying on the ground and balancing on your arms and toes and push against the ground facing downwards. If you are looking to build serious muscles and aspiring towards female bodybuilding, you can explore steroids for targeting the upper body muscle groups. You can google “where to buy steroids” to find the nearest steroid dealer. 

4. Lunges:

The lunge exercise is taking a massive step forward. When you add dumbbells to the lunges, it becomes dumbbell lunges. It is an excellent strength training exercise for strengthening the lower body of a woman. The target areas are the front thigh that helps in keeping your kneecap in the right position. It works up your quads and glutes. For all ladies who are into a weight loss regime, this exercise helps you to maintain a balance between your left and right side of the body while you are reducing your weight. Lunges also bring better symmetry to your large muscles, i.e., if your right side is heavier than the left side, with lunges, you can reshape your body by maintaining balance while lunging. You can add variations to the regular standing lunge like walking lunges, backward lunges, and side lunges. Each type tones your thighs from a different angle.

5- Planks:

Ladies, if you are looking for the perfect toned abs, then plank is an exercise that you should include in your daily strength training regimen. It is a free bodyweight exercise that tests both core strength and core endurance, making it a challenging yet rewarding workout. There are several variations to plank like the side plank, the forearm plank, and the reverse plank. Forearm plank is the most common and slightly more natural position of doing a plank where you keep your body stretched and core hanging in the air, facing downwards, and balancing your body on forearms and toes. The form is again extremely crucial in a forearm plank to avoid any back injury. Do not arch your back. The plank should engage your abs and not your back.

6- Goblet Squats:

Goblet squat is an excellent exercise for women who want to tone their entire body. Beginners can do regular bodyweight squats and slowly add kettlebells to the workout. The Goblet squat works on your glutes and hamstrings. It also keeps your core and back engaged. The Goblet squat is a multi-joint exercise that improves lower body strength as well as enhances wrist grip strength when you are lifting the kettlebell by holding it close to your chest.

7. Chest press:

A fantastic exercise if you want to strengthen your chest or pectoral muscles, the chest press, is a must-have in the upper-body female strength training routine. You can do the chest press using a variety of equipment like simple dumbbells or heavier barbells. Since this exercise requires heavier weights, as a beginner female workout trainee, you must do this workout under the supervision of a qualified trainer. 


The above are the seven fantastic strength training exercises for women. If you are a beginner to workouts, then start doing with a lightweight under trainers’ supervision. Find a female workout buddy to exercise with to stay motivated. 

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