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Salon POS System: 10 Essential Features Must have


In this competitive era, it is very important to be ahead in every business. Your businesses can fall behind if you don’t follow up on the latest technology and it is applicable for Salons and Spas too. 

Your salon wants to give exceptional customer experiences and extraordinary services. It’s more about giving the right service at the right time to the customer. 

So it is mandatory to pick the best technology for your business? 

The Point of Sale (POS) software is specifically designed for the salons and it has all the right features for your business growth and makes you stand out in the competitive world. 

The salon POS system is more than a cash register. It is a complete salon management system that empowers you with more transparency to run a profitable business. Salon POS software manages all workflows and saves time and reduces operational costs.

It helps to pamper your customers with better service they are looking for. Whether you operate a hair salon, barbershop, nail salon, health and wellness spa, tanning salon, or pet grooming business, you need POS software that can support your unique style of business.

Here in this article, we are going to review the best ten features that your salon POS must have.

Table of content:

  • Top 10 features of the salon POS system
  • Easy booking system
  • Mobile friendly
  • Staff management
  • Inventory management
  • Multiple payments gateway
  • Digital receipts
  • Reports
  • 24/7 availability
  • Customer support
  • Loyalty program
  • Wrapping up

Top 10 features of the salon POS system:

Easy booking system

Every customer has different requests. Specifically, in the salon, some like to use particular products or want service from their favorite stylist. The POS system helps to run the salon very easily. It provides a smooth booking system. The scheduling system can truly do that job that your human front desk person does.

An easy scheduling system helps the stylists to access the online POS system and ensures that the client and staff will be notified of last-minute additions. The POS systems will also enable email and text reminders to staff and customers about the booking, cancellation or rescheduling.

Mobile friendly:

Customers are more engaged with smartphones. You can easily manage the salon with the POS system. 

Clients can easily book, or cancel an appointment. It has a feature of multi-location where the employees can go through the store and process a sale from anywhere. The mobile accessibility feature allows employees to improve their customer service skills and build relationships.

It helps to improve the sales number. The mobile registration is very easy for the customers to make the sale faster because they can purchase any product instantly. With increased sales, you can also improve from the bottom line and increase your company’s profitability.

Staff management:

Managing staff is equally important to managing clients. The POS manages the team by sending a reminder about the current booking and any requirements of the customers.

The POS system helps the staff to keep a check on the client’s information and lessen the chance of redundancy. With the profile management of the employees, it is easy to evaluate the performance of the staff also.

Inventory management:

Managing an inventory is quite a difficult task in the salon. But POS systems make every process simple. 

The software uploads the image of every product and selects the sales prices and business costs. Also, it sends an alert about the products that are required for the salon or when certain inventory items are less. The inventory management always assures that the items are never getting out of stock.

You simply need to scan the bar code to list things on your customer’s invoice. The POS Software will subtract automatically from your inventory.

The POS keeps everything up to date and organized. Additionally, your inventory management feature helps you to identify and eliminate sources of shrinkage to improve profitability.

Multiple payments gateway:

It would be a great idea to pay online. The online payment system helps to save time and money. Online payment is a secure way of transferring money. Salon POS System guides you to handle payments in multiple payment gateways.

Customers can pay from any payment gateway like apple pay, google pay, PayPal, Stripe, Credit or debit card, etc. 

The system also accepts the EMV chip cards so that clients should be able to insert their chip cards instead of swipe. Also, it is a secure way of transferring money.

Digital receipts:

The paper receipts create a lot of burdens as they are easy to lose. Paper receipts waste a lot of paper and don’t improve the selling experience. To solve this problem the POS system will give an easy way, that is digital receipts.

It is beneficial for numerous reasons. It saves money on paper and ink but also boosts up the transaction process.

Digital receipts store customer information such as name, email address, and other details. It helps to build healthy customer relationships.


It is important to have a complete and secure backup of your organization. The POS systems will give you the option to check the reports and keep a track of the performance. 

The system may also integrate with your accounting software that will add efficiency and accuracy. With a Point of Sale system, it is easy to access different reports like employee performance, inventory levels, and performance by the department. 

Flexible reporting capabilities assist you with the best moves for your business. It helps to view the reports from a mobile device whether you are carrying out the business from any location.

24/7 availability L:

It is the most vital feature of the Salon POS system. Customers can access the system even after business hours. The POS system helps the customer to schedule their booking anytime and anywhere. This strengthens the relationship with the clients, which leads to more sales in the business.

Customer support:

The POS system helps to build a smooth relationship with the customers and increase sales. It helps you to engage your customers by keeping the record of the customer data and purchase history. It assists by providing easy access to clients.

It can integrate with different platforms to help every customer. With an easy CRM integration it’s quite easy to handle customer data. The stored data helps to make better marketing campaigns, inform users about the upcoming sales, and make a quality loyalty program. 

Loyalty program:

It’s very important to build a strong relationship with your customers because they are key drivers of running a business. You must find ways to engage customers by appealing to their emotions. The Salon POS system must include a customer loyalty program that rewards loyal customers.

However, it can be very beneficial for the business. You can collect the data and that helps to understand your customers in a better way, tailor services to their preferences, and market more effectively.

For instance, if you find some are your regular customers visit weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly then you can create a membership program with special offers around their preferred services.

Wrapping up:

Above we have discussed some important features that are required in your salon POS system. 

A good POS system provides you and your customers with more features. It gives you the tools that you need to run promotions that increase sales and collect enough data.

Today, with the easy access of the software even the smallest salon can have the best online system that they once dreamed.

Your online booking system is primarily meant for your customers. The data collection abilities of the software have all the features that customers may have come to expect from your competitors. Salon Booking System is one such best system. 

Hopefully, this article will give you the best benefits before picking the best POS system.

If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!!

Author Bio:

Zin Lang Liu is associated with Salonist, A salon booking software for all types of industries. She assists business owners on how to grow their business through fully featured software.

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