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The Keys To Effective Online Therapy


The Internet is a very powerful tool that can work against us if we don’t use it with caution. Especially when it comes to psychology. How to make online therapy effective? How to choose a good psychologist? In this article, we develop the keys to effective online therapy.

Sometimes, for different reasons, we cannot attend a consultation in person and we consider the option of online therapy.  

For this, it is essential to first determine the reason for our consultation. It is important to separate the consultations in which the client’s objective is to obtain a general orientation on a certain problem and the consultations in which we would already enter the field of evaluation or therapy. 

In the second case, in which we would speak of therapy, the means through which said therapy is administered would condition some aspects of it.

Online therapy in real-time:

This is the only way that can be considered viable for effective online therapy since the audiovisual channel and that is produced in real-time would shorten the differences with the face-to-face sessions. 

Thus, real-time is essential for a dynamic exchange of questions, answers, advice, doubts; The importance of the image has to do with the fact that the psychologist can also count on the non-verbal information that the patient can transmit.

However, keep in mind that sometimes it will be necessary to combine online therapy with face-to-face sessions. Why? Firstly, because in a face-to-face therapy the psychologist completely controls the environment in which the therapy takes place, secondly because he can touch the patient, thirdly because the appearance of unforeseen events is minimized, such as the Internet line going Finally, at a distance, group therapy is much more complicated.

On the other hand, contact via email or even telephone can be used for specific consultations, but not as a rule to follow up on a patient. If they ever offer you this, as a customer you will be careful. 

There are psychologists and people who dress up in such a way that they do not hesitate to offer their services in this way without showing any qualms about acting with malpractice.

For this, you must inform yourself very well about the professional you are going to choose. Check his professional accreditation’s, the type of training he has received, and the experience he has. 

Also, do not be afraid to ask and ask for information about how the consultations will be carried out, the payment, the frequency of the sessions … Also, we advise you to do at least the first consultations in person.

Is online therapy suitable for me?

As we have said, online therapy is not always suitable for all cases. However, there are many where it will be more than beneficial. For example, for all those people who live abroad and who want to do therapy in their native language. 

Either because they feel safer, more comfortable, or because they want to communicate without the barriers or obstacles that a language that is not fully mastered can pose.

Also, online therapy is suitable for all those who have complicated schedules. An agenda is full of obligations that prevent them, even if they want, to attend face-to-face consultations. 

Although, it can also happen, that you reside in a somewhat isolated area and with limited access to psychologists. We are talking about rural areas or remote villages. It may not be optimal, but in many cases, it is preferable to the absence of therapy.

Without a doubt, this type of therapy will be very beneficial for those who suffer from some type of problem that prevents them from leaving the home in the early stages of it. We are referring to agoraphobia, for example. 

In this case, this type of online consultation is not only necessary but with the right professional you can open up a possibility for the patient that was not previously considered.

The keys to effective online therapy will not only be based on the psychologist being prepared to carry out a successful consultation in person, but it will also be necessary as a patient for you. 

As we have well seen, if you have time or mobility limitation, or if you suffer from any type of disorder such as social phobia, it will be very useful for you.

Sometimes, many professionals can recommend online therapy sessions as a complement to face-to-face sessions and vice versa. In this way, better results can be obtained in the treatment that is being carried out with the patient. Well used, online therapy can be very beneficial.

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