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The Future of Mobile Search Marketing


Mobile phones have become the constant partners without which human life is unimaginable. Today, mobile phone usage is at an all-time high and it is likely to remain so. So there is no harm in saying that the mobile revolution is finally here and the mobile first approach is here to stay. 

Now as your consumers are really relying on the smartphones it is crucial for businesses to have a strong mobile optimized presence. In the recent times, an enhanced amount of people are using mobile phone for the online purchases and so mobile phone advertisements are on the rise. 

Though the online consumers are familiar with the buying journey and the ways the brands market to them, they realize that businesses require the ad revenues to operate. Research suggests that over 60% of the users don’t mind seeing the ads as long as they are not invasive. 

That is why the mobile marketing strategies must be well-thought out for being effective as the irritating and disruptive ads are unsuccessful always.

According to research, the mobile users of a brand is seen to address and advertise for targeting the audience. The mobile devices, after all, are much more personal than the other digital outlets because users have emotional attachment to them.

So what can be expected from future mobile marketing:

  • Rise in Ad Blocking – A rise in the prevalence of the banner blindness, ad blockers and the general lack of interest amongst the users of internet in the digital ads is going to be witnessed soon. 25% of the smartphones users are now making use of the ad blocking browsers and apps and this practice is on the constant rise. The average click through rate of the display ads is quite low. In fact, it is around .05-.10% in recent years. So to keep funding these types of ads can be financially damaging and redundant. Again, if they are not targeted in the right way, brands do not have any chance of effectively reaching out and generating those clicks. So marketers should take ad blocking as a tell-tale sign of poor user experience. So the future mobile marketing should focus on ads that are content-enriched and relevant with creative technology that supports interesting and polite formatting. 
  • Rise in Augmented and Virtual Reality Advertisement – The concept of virtual reality has been in vogue for quite sometime. However, the real science is catching up with the imaginations of science fiction. The AR and VR technologies are now becoming commonplace in the society of consumerism. With the marketers realizing their popularity, the immersive experience is being brought into action. For this reason, big brands like McDonald’s and Coca Cola are developing their own VR campaigns which just shows the rising demand of these services. Even real estate agents offer virtual house tours these days and online gaming is filled with VR roller coasters and greater immersions. In the coming days, there will be a further boom of the virtual reality marketing and advertising. 
  • Merging of Content and Advertising – The advertisers are developing the habit to use high-value content for advertisements. Apart from capturing the attention of the audience, this is going to add value to the marketing contents. Research suggests that providing informative, valuable and interesting contents like case studies and blog posts instead of advertising or spamming a product is going to garner more attention. This implies that people should derive something special and valuable from the content the brand is providing, which will establish trust amongst the existing customers and brand prospects. So the future of mobile marketing should steer clear of disruptive and irritating ads and create ads that consumers can relate to. The ads are going to have flexible formatting. 
  • Deployment of Bots (Replacing the Human Interactions) – Bots are a series of algorithms which form the application that can be programmed to perform the automated tasks like searching the internet or performing actions on the request. With the likes of Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri in vogue, though in their infancy, bots are now offering customer services and similar tasks which were previously delegated to humans. In the coming days, more automation and AI infiltration in the mobile search marketing arena is predicted to be seen. 

So apart from the best SEO service, these are just some of the trends that the future of mobile search marketing are going to witness. 

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