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Guide to Google Voice Search Optimization & How Brand Activation is helpful for your Business Growth?

Google Voice Search Optimization


An outline of the next big thing in digital marketing is voice search optimization and how to optimize the content of your website to appear in the top Google voice search results that can be done through an SEO Company

Hi! Google. What is Voice Search Optimization?

Ask this simple query from Google and you’ll be astonished to know that even Google does not have the perfect answer to this and is still trying to learn about it. 

For those of us in the digital world, waiting for Google to figure out voice search optimization doesn’t help. We need jump on the bandwagon right away before our competitors do to enjoy the first movers’ advantage.

Before jumping in you must know who is using voice search SEO is order to know how to target your audience in the best way. 

Let’s give some time to understand it.

You might be thinking that “Yes, we know what and who uses voice search, but how can we optimize the content on our website to appear in search result?”. Don’t worry we are going to tell you 3 simple ways to use voice search optimization as a secret ingredient to achieve a higher ranking for your website in the search engine results page without breaking the bank.

The digital world is changing rapidly and its hard to accurately figure out how users will interact with their devices using voice search. These are a few points you can add in your content to appear in search results for voice searches.

1. You need to have ‘Strong Content:

The content on your website needs to ranked within the top 3 search results as it was noted by experts that Google voice search answers are amongst them. To achieve this, you need to spend time on the keyword planning you do for the content and focus on your On-Page SEO as well.

2. Answer a Question:

Users use google voice searches generally in a question format which are very to the point as they are looking for an answer to their query. It’s important to include questions with their answers in the content of your website. This triggers Google to pick your search result to show to the end user.

For example I searched for “How to make a website?” on Google and this is the results I got

You might be wondering how long should the answer be to the question for voice search optimization? Firstly, it’s extremely crucial to add a tone of an “answer” keeping it to the point and crisp make the best of voice search optimization. Answers must be as long as 25 words to achieve voice search SEO.

Secondly, you can even use your Frequently Asked Questions to your advantage and add a FAQ’s page in your website to improve the ranking in Google voice search results.

3. Have a Featured Snippet:

Featured snippets are used to answer the users query right away as these are selected search results which are featured at the top of the Google organic search results. For this you need to gain knowledge of the existing keywords that you are using as well as the keywords that have a featured snippet.

A featured snippet can be attained by adding a ‘snippet bait’ to your page.

The simplest ways to make the best of voice search optimization can be achieved by the 3 things mentioned above. Out of the three I feel that, having well written and strong content along with clearly segmented sections which are easily understood by the users are game changers in the digital world and help with the ranking of your website in the search results for voice search optimization.

How Brand Activation is helpful for your Business Growth?

Brand activation is a process of making your brand well known and loved by consumers. It is a marketing method which involves engaging your audience by creating an experience and letting them find your product.  It extends the marketing strategy to allow for consumer interaction. It is reaching the right audience at the right moment in a way that speaks to them.

Brand activation campaigns may be in the form of consumer promotions, digital marketing campaigns, experiential events or experiential marketing, promotional marketing and in store retail marketing performed by an SEO Company or Digital Marketing company. By engaging with your consumers and involving them in a campaign, event or experience it allows people talk about what you do in a way that translates into building positive associations and helping create long term brand loyalty. However, the success of any business comes down to the trust that it can establish with its customers. 

Why Brand Activation is important:

With fierce corporate competition in this digital age, businesses need to focus more on new modern effective marketing tools. Traditional advertising is no longer attractive to the consumers who tend to lose interest easily with a lot around them. So, if a company wants to stand out, a strong company branding is important.

Today, many companies employ brand activation to develop an individual relationship with their customers. Brand activation is a powerful tool in marketing that acts as a bridge between your brand and consumer. It helps connect with your audience and creates a powerful impact on them. It also enables one on one communication with your client.

Brands are brought to life by seamlessly integrating all available means of communication in a creative platform to engage consumers. It helps you penetrate the market and increase brand recall value through strategic brand campaigns with an interactive display, experiential marketing, social media strategies, an event or exhibition at a mall that create a real, positive connection with potential customers.

How Brand Activation can benefit your company:

  • Brand activation events bring a lot of benefits to your company. It strengthens relations with your clients. Brand activation event can help greatly to connect and interact with potential customers.
  • Brand activation events are a perfect way to be heard by the consumers in your market. It makes your brand prominent.
  • It increases your brand salience and revitalizes your brand.
  • Marketing interaction between consumers and the brand helps the consumers understand the brand better and accept it as a part of their lives.
  • It is a wonderful opportunity to offer an experience to the consumers that influences the buying process.
  • With brand activation and marketing campaigns both online and offline it could reach a wider audience.
  • It sets your brand name apart from the rest.  It is a great way to reintroduce your brand or to bring a dying brand back to life.

Brand Activation Agency in Dubai:

For all your brand activation campaigns, choose reliable agency to promote your brand. They need to understand who your target audience is and what your brand symbolizes. It should aim to build visibility of your brand through real engagement with your target consumers.

These agencies are continually seeking revolutionary and innovative methods to activate your brand and deliver greater ROI than traditional marketing and advertising campaigns. Brand activation companies energize your brands; in other words, bring life to your brand through a proprietary creative process that is both strategic and inspiring.

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