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Tips about Intuitive Eating


The issue of obesity and weight reduction has always been a major issue. People have tried different measures to achieve weight reduction. They try dieting, which seems to be the best option.

According to research more 57% of people who try the whole diet thing ends up adding more weight than when they initially started. The underlying reason is that dieting is bad for both physical and mental wellness. It has been scientifically proven time and time again.

This fact then brings about the question, ‘what other options are there?’ Have you tried intuitive eating? Intuitive eating is the exact opposite of dieting. It is giving your body what it needs, paying close attention to your body’s satisfaction. Just ignore the rules.

Certain principles come alongside with intuitive eating. They are:

  • Be at peace with food
  • Give your body maximum respect
  • Give satisfaction to your body.
  • Challenge the food rules
  • Honor hunger
  • Exercise
  • Take nutrition important.

General Tips on Intuitive Eating

If you are still confused about what intuitive eating is all about, below are tips that will be helpful and give you the information you need.

  1. Eat What Your Body Wants

The basic rule of intuitive eating is ‘eat what you want when you want.’ Your body tells you what it wants through hunger and craving. It is not an excuse for binge eating or overindulging. If you are full and have cravings, you can always remind yourself to have it later. If you eat and feel bloated every time you do, that’s a reminder to reduce such food intake. Initially, you might want junk all the time. Eventually, your body will tire for it, and you begin to take in balanced diets.

  1. Know How It Works

The process is easy. To eat intuitively is to eat when hungry, stop eating when you are full, and try to enjoy your food as much as you can. Starting is usually the hardest part. You tend to struggle a lot with your self. Because you have become so used to certain types of food and specific patterns of eating, it becomes difficult. A lot of things might have to change. For example, if you used to have dinner by eight and now your body wants dinner by 6, it might take a while to adjust. Or after having eaten bread for breakfast, and your body wants bread for dinner again. You begin to ask yourself, “is having bread twice a day bad?” All these are things you will have to settle. Just remember, do not attack food like the enemy, instead enjoy it.

  1. Your Relationship With Food Increases

This pattern of eating helps you to see food in a new light. You don’t see it as what makes you fat, but what nourishes your body and quenches your hunger. You begin to appreciate it and respect it. You know when to say no to food and vice versa. You stop food abuse. The healthier your relationship with food is, the more self-control you have.

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