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Best games to stream on twitch for streamers 2020

Games to stream on twitch 2020


You have set up your streaming station. You want to stream a top game that already has a large community. But you have started your career and don’t know which game to stream. We have created a list of the top games for novice streamers like you. Though everyone has their own choice we want to suggest several top games for you. Finding the best game to stream is the core to be a successful streamer on a platform like Twitch. Best games to stream on twitch for streamer 2020 can have a lot of audiences. 

What are the best games to stream on twitch?

Streamers dream to play the top and best games on twitch. There will a large number of followers on their channels. They want to enjoy the streaming session at its fullest. They follow the top streamers like Ninja, Shroud, Pewdiepie. Top streamers are experts at streaming the most popular games. No doubt that if you want to be a top streamer, you have to stream the top games and gain followers. But how will you pick the top games? We will help you to pick the right game for you. We have come up with the top trending games for streamers in 2020.

Fortnite :

Whether you are a streamer or not, you have heard the name of a popular game. Fortnite is the most played game on twitch. This game gives incredible fun for streamers. This game was released in several software packages so that streamers can play from any platform. Most played game mode in Fortnite is the Battle royal. Several other game modes come in this game which streamers from all around the world have played. This game is a bit challenging to play. But the challenging modes make people more curious and join the streaming. For making streamers more interested, something new is coming after the current level of Fortnite.

League of legends :

One of the most streamed games is the League of legends. This classic game has high competition for playing as a solo player or more player in the team. Every stage and fighting in this game is enjoyable. Each team plays to destroy the headquarters of the opposite team. Each session is a unique experience of playing. League of legends has encouraged millions of people all around the world. It has received more than 100 million active users all around the year.


In the last year, people regardless of age played one game. People were more interested in this game compared to the others. You will not find a single person who has not played PUBG. This game made it easier for streamers to gain more loyal followers. Every match is great fun whether you are playing solo games or team-up. It’s a shooter game and players have to fight. PUBG can be played on mobile with the mobile version. New updates of the game are available including Amusement park mode, Hardcore mode.

Call of duty :

Call of duty is another most played game produced by Activision. This iconic game has long been enjoyed by fans all around the world. Every challenging stage in this game has made it a choice for streamers. Call of duty has already created a large community. The multiplayer mode of the Call of duty is incredibly enjoyable.

FIFA20 :

You may be excited to play the soccer series game. FIFA20 is the top soccer game. The game is the improved and updated version of the previous one. If you are a long time player, you will enjoy the different modes in FIFA20. The Team mode is improved than before as it comes with flawless animation. A new playing mode is added which paves the way to play like a small team. It introduces the Volta Football mode. You can check this mode. Players can build their dream team.

Dead by daylight :

Dead by daylight is a great game. It’s mainly a horror and action game. It’s one of the top games on Twitch. In this multiplayer game, you have to face challenges. Streamers face a unique level of reactions with unexpected sessions in every session of the game. The combination of music, entertainment, and ambiance creates a horrific experience for streamers. You can take the challenge and play as a killer. Other players will try to survive from you. A loyal community exists for the Dead by daylight. The game can be more interesting if you can add more viewers as grabbing more viewers create a connection to them. Viewers eagerly wait to see every reaction from the streamer. 

Animal Crossing: New horizons:

Do you want to get out of the busy city life and experience a rural farm life? The fifth series of the Animal crossing take the players to the deserted island. You can make everything you want. Players can make ponds, waterfalls, bridges, and flowers. It’s your choice to make everything in the way you want. After playing Animal Crossing: New horizons, you will know why it has become an obsession with thousands of people all around the world. Every popular streamer has played Animal Crossing: New horizon. Thousands of people are enjoying their streaming.

Shadow of the tomb raider :

The final level of the Tomb Raider can be downloaded now. What should I say about this game as you already can guess how exciting this game can be. This game introduces the most exciting levels. Players find it more exciting compared to the previous games. There are more outfits, weapons, and skills that you can download. You will discover a new city in this game. The horrific tombs need advanced techniques to reach. You have to cross deadly puzzles. There is a chance that the definitive edition upgrade can replace the game. 

How will you decide which game to stream on twitch?

Streamers want to introduce the audience with something new that will make them watch more. You should be streaming the game that makes you interested. But how will you choose the games that you should be streaming? Focus on several things to identify which games you can stream on twitch. Though it will take a little time to grow your audience. But you have to keep patience and keep on networking. We have found several facts you should consider to choose your games.

Enjoyable game:

Why do streamers play games mainly? Streamers choose a game to play for having fun and spending an enjoyable time. Play the game that is truly enjoyable for you so that you can build a community. If you do not find it enjoyable, audiences will not enjoy it and therefore they won’t be interested in your channel.

Popular games:

Popular games like League of Legends, Fortnite, Minecraft have a large number of audiences and make audiences more engaged. High competition exists in playing popular games and there is a chance of losing the audience. If you can not play like the top streamers, try your best to reach the top level and attract more audiences making the streaming entertaining for them.

Games you are skilled :

Stream the games that you are good at playing. If you are skilled at several games, you can increase viewers. You can share techniques and tips. Your advice can attract more viewers. It’s another unique way to entertain the audiences.

Stream creative games :

Most of the creative games have gained more viewers. Creative and sandbox games pave the way to make the game more interesting creating challenges. Minecraft is one the creative game which has gained a large number of viewers normally. And when the streamer joins in competition, that is more interesting.

You have come across a couple of Twitch overlays. But one question can come in your mind: why do you need to use an appealing twitch overlay? As a streamer, you always want to connect to your audience, you want to gain more followers, you want to see yourself as a professional pro streamer, you want to create your brand image to interact with the audience. Overall you want to make your overlay look amazing and increase the engagement of the viewers. That’s why you have to make the twitch overlay look outstanding turning it an inspiration for other streamers.

The game that you would like to stream is the best game for you. We have recommended the games that we have found the most demanding. These games can be a great option for any streamer to build a large community.

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