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DIY Video Game Hacks Every Gamer Should Know

Video Game Hacks


Gaming brings happiness, isn’t it? Everyone that has landed on this blog is associated with Game Hacks in some or the other way. 

It brings us happiness, lets us experience new scenarios, and even inspires us. Just like film addicts, we also wait for the release of the next season of a game that we are interested in.  

There’s a good reason behind it. Games let us experience a world beyond reality. Whether it is an action-adventure game like Grand Theft Auto or a real-time strategy game like Clash Royale, they offer novelty.

However, there are certain things about our hobby that are difficult. The first one is hat it is expensive. This is not only in the context of the game but also in terms of building a PC, keeping everything in order and buying the peripherals. 

So how would you save your money? We are sure you won’t mind some extra bucks in your pocket, isn’t it?

In this article, we have mentioned the fascinating video game life hacks that will make your gaming experience better while saving your money. We are sure you will definitely find something worthy here.

1. Use toilet rolls to store cables:

Keeping cables tidy behind your TV cabinet or under the desk is one thing. But what about storing them? If you are into your hardware, you will find a big box of cables lying around. They also get tangled which is more frustrating. 

Any easy solution is storing them in the toilet roll holders and then storing them away in a box. This will stop them from getting tangled and will save you time when you need a specific cable.

2. A banana stand for holding the headset:

Headphones do not last long as they are not treated the way they deserve. Though we do not throw them like we used to do during our teenage, they probably need more respect and care. If you want your headphones to last long, don’t just keep them on the desk or coffee table. 

Buy a hooked banana stand and hang them from there. This keeps them protected plus it looks cool too. You can also hand a side hook beside your desk and hang them there.

3. Turn on Game Mode on your TV:

If you have ever flicked open the menu option of your TV, you must have encountered the option of Game Mode. 

If you have wondered what its purpose or it is even good, the answer is yes. It effectively cuts down input lag between something happening in the game and its display on the screen.

It does this by tweaking the settings and allowing the input to be displayed quicker. Though picture quality might go down a bit, it can give you an edge.

4. Play classic games on your cell phone:

You can play classic games on your phone through the magic of emulation. Grab an emulator from the Android store like Matsu Emulator or Retroarch. After this, all you need to do is grab some game ROMs and you are ready to play! 

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5. Recharge your PS4 controller with a phone charger:

You can charge your PS4 controller without plugging them into your PS4 at all. Let your phone charger do this job. It is likely to get charged faster than the traditional way.

6. Build a cardboard racing wheel:

Phones are technically perfect for games but not mechanically. Obviously you would like to play your favourite racing games on your phone with a better control scheme. If you are interested you can make yourself a cardboard racing wheel with a slot to hold your phone.

This will allow you to control the steering wheel more precisely and in an immersive manner. It is quick, easy, and cheap too.

7. Use your controller on PC:

Do you often find it too difficult to play games on a gaming PC? This might be because you are a pro console gamer who is new to PC gaming. However, you can play PC games even with your gaming console

Whether it is the PS4 controller, a 360 controller, or an Xbox controller, you can pair it with your PC. All these controllers primarily support PC gameplay through wired or wireless connection. 

8. Improve your posture:

Sitting for long periods of time is not recommended. Give your body what it needs by starting to sit in a good posture. When you are playing your games, try and avoid couching or curving your spine. 

Sit up straight, tuck your chin, and put your shoulders down. It might not seem effective now, but it will surely help as your age increases.

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9. Use your phone to control your PS4:

Phones can indeed be used to control your PS4. You can do this by downloading the PS4 Second Screen app and pairing it with your PS4. It lets you control the basic functions and also allows you to input text into your PS4. 

Apart from this, it will also display stuff from compatible games on your phone. 

Final words:

The above tips will surely reduce your spendings. Also, these DIY methods do not require much inventory. You can easily make it with the materials available at your home. The saved money can help you buy your favourite newly released game that you had wished for. 

Happy Gaming!


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