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8 Sneaky Tricks to Volumize your Thin Hair

Volumize Thin Hair


Adding volume can be a challenge to your thin hair. Most of us are facing this challenge. Trying a lot of hair care products like masks, serums, shampoos and so on but eventually these products fail to give volume to your hair. Whether it is because of genetics, weather conditions, using too many chemical products or any other reason that cause less or sometimes no thickness in hair. 

If you are one who is facing such condition and fed up on how to add volume to your hair, here are some proven tricks you must try at least once:

1. Change the parting side:

No wonder you see most people part their hair on one particular section or side. If you are also doing the same, try to change the part of your hair. The idea behind this, when you stick to follow the routine on a particular hair part, chances are more to fall off from that section or hair remains flat on that part. That’s why it looks like a thinner area compared to other parts. Flipping the hair part to the opposite site of head can create the volume you want. Try to change your part regularly and not to stick one to see volume in your strands.

2. Upside-down blow dry:

The best shortcut to voluminous your hair to dry them from upside-down. You may also see your hair stylist to follow this routine, when you got a haircut. The reason for drying upside down, your roots lifting scalp automatically when you dry it in this way. And, if you wish to add volume to your bangs, use a hair dryer from the right side up first. After that simply do a round brush or comb. This trick will add a good volume to your hair without doing much.

3. Add extensions:

A time-saving trick is to add artificial extensions that make your hair look thicker. Search in the market for different types of hair extensions for your hair. You can add coloured or some styled extensions that will add volume to your automatically. This is because artificial hair covers those scalp parts where hair looks thinner and gives an illusion of original thick hair.

4. Hot rollers and curling:

Hot rollers are an awesome traditional technique to voluminous hair. Whether for bangs or other scalp areas they just lift your area with additional volume. It is just as simple and no special technique required. Just roll up your hair for 20 minutes while following your makeup routine and you will get a good volume. Another way is to curl all the hair. You can add simple waves or curling in different ways using hot iron rods to look smart. Curling gives a pretty illusion of thick hair.

5. Crimp roots:

An 80’s formula to add volume in hair, crimping is a well-proven technique. But in a brand new way which is not at all tacky, just crimp roots from the under layers of the hair. This trick will make your rough texture stand out from the scalp. You do not need any special tools or iron rods to do so. And, the best part is the crimping section leaves hidden under the top layer so you can’t detect it.

6. Sleep in a bun:

Another way to get volume in hair is to sleep in a bun overnight. This is really a useful trick to pull up your hair in the form of a loose bun after showering. No matter whether they are still damp, secure them up with soft elastic. And, when you wake-up next morning, you’ll get classy waves with instant volume. 

7. Colour your hair:

Colouring can be an awesome technique for thin hair volume. But colour should be placed strategically on hair to make them look fuller. Like you don’t need to take a full new hair colour as only highlights can create an effect. Also, if you have dark coloured hair try medium to light shades to create an illusion. Highlights placed under layered hair with tone-on-tone colours are perfect to give a boost to your scalp.

8. Apply dry shampoo:

You may don’t have enough time to wash your hair often. And, here dry shampoos are lifesavers. When, day after day your scalp becomes dirty, the natural oils of the hair start sabotaging your volume. It makes your hair shafts and strands weigh down. Dry shampoos cleanse your scalp instantly. The trick is simple, use to blow dry your scalp and coat it with a layer of dry shampoo as soon as possible. Spray shampoo even on through the lengths as it creates more texture and innately helps in volume building.

No matter how long your hair is, if they are thin enough, they will not look good in any style. Added volume gives them a unique wavy style that perfectly makes you look beautiful. Hopefully, you will try these tricks on your hair to make them look voluminous. 

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