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Tech Surprises in the Future of Vaping

Future of Vaping


One of the fastest-growing industries in America in the past decade is the vaping shops. Since the creation of e-cigarettes in 2004, the products revolving around vaping have continued to grow until the sector is expected to exceed over $30 billion in revenue this year. As technology continues to develop, you can expect some fascinating and surprising new advances in pens and juices. Here are some of the anticipated hi-tech changes you can expect in the near future.


One of the prime aims of vaping’s modern technology is to improve the quality of presentation as the devices move from the bulky vaporizers to a more appealing, streamlined appearance. This also means the quality of the pens, hookahs, and e-cigs will continue to improve. The production’s technological advancement will also present new and longer-lasting pens of all kinds that allow for a better design that is durable and easier to operate.


Juice is the focus of each style of vaporizer, and there are hundreds of types and flavors of e-juices available from online shops such as One problem with past styles of the pens has been the flavor delivery system and the resulting intensity. As the pen technology improves, so does the ability to regulate the concentration of the chosen juice flavor, and this makes the experience more enjoyable.


The life of vaping coils can be a problem in some pens. Research into how to improve the longevity of atomizer coils is ongoing. Still, changes in technology have already resulted in improvements from a coil life of just two weeks to over a month. The aim is to find an alternative coil type that has a lifespan of several months.


Some of the higher-end vaping pens contain microchips and processors. In the near future, all vaping devices will include software applications that improve integration, regulation, and adjust ability.


Focus on battery life is also an essential part of pod vapes, capacity, and recharging. Technology is advancing batteries in two ways – size and power. The tiny battery cells will fit into the small devices, so there will be no need for heavy smokers to recharge several times a day. Battery power is also an important consideration in technological advancements, so people do not have to worry about running out of power if they take a hike or visit a friend.

Hi-tech improvements are helping the vaping world evolve in unexpected ways. Pens are becoming more user-savvy, smaller in size, and permit smoother flow adjustment. No wonder the industry has expanded so quickly!

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