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How to Sell Diabetic Test Strips Online & Check Those companies who buys Test Strips online

Test Strips online


Having extra test strips is not a sunk expense infect, it could earn you some money if they were put into the right channels. The demand for test strips is on the rise and it has become essential for the people to keep the sugar level in check with this situation, it has become vital for many to hoard up these testing kits at every point of time to ensure their well-being. Should you have the resources that you might think shall we better utilized by those who are in need of them; why not explore some options from Some Companies.

Does it pay?

Yes! Indeed. Selling Diabetic test strips online that might be lying in the drawer or your medic storage without being used can be sold through various platforms. The price is highly competitive which reduces the loss that you might incur without having them used. There are certain elements that will have to be taken into consideration to demand a better price. Read further to know the procedures and the steps that will have to be followed.

Expiry date and Price:

The longevity of the strips that can be used demands a higher price. Longer the date of expiry, the better the sum you shall receive. Currently, the Companies dealing with the materials that have minimum of 3 months expiry date. The platform has segmented them into three categories. First one being 3-5 months validity; the second category is of 6-9 months and the third one is those which have more than 10 months of validity on them. The longer the duration, the higher the price you shall receive. Adding to that, there are thirteen different categories of products the buyer is dealing now and you shall be able to sell the products from various manufacturers.

The procedure:

Organizing the test strips is the first and foremost procedure to sell them. Sorting them as per the manufacturer as well as the appropriate box size. Ensure that the labels and seal is not broken. A supply in a pristine condition will demand the price of the product. Hence, make sure that the items are in a better condition. 

Assess the price:

Assess the worth of the product by Companies that buy Diabetic testing strips. They will give a quote of the price that you shall be receiving for the units of test strips they are willing to offer.


After having your items ready there are two options that you shall have to send the strips. The first one being to have them picked from you locally or ship them using United States Postal service and have your expense reimbursed. Ensure that the items are protected using bubble wrap or popcorn packing to avoid them being involved in any damage during the transit.

The steps that are demonstrated in the website is simplified and does not involve any complications. Following those methods listed in the Website will be able to have your diabetes monitoring equipment to be sold in the commercial market for a good price. The company also offers various promotion program whereby you shall be benefited by being a repetitive seller in the form of loyalty program as well as referring your friend to be involved in this mutually beneficial scheme.

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