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What Is Email Marketing- A Complete Comprehensive Guide

Email Marketing


Consider the situation. You start your business. You invest a good financial sum for it. Further, you also have amazing products in the store. But, 6 months later, you do not get good sales. Not even a strong customer base. Why did this happen? One simple answer to this is the lack of marketing. 

Are you wondering that you need a good budget to market your brand? No, this is not the case. 

You can do it without massive investments. Are you wondering how? Email marketing is the answer to this. 

Let us understand what is email marketing and how you can implement it?

What is email marketing and why use it?

Are you wondering that in the age of social media why are emails still relevant? 

There is a list of reasons to answer this question:

  • Emails stay in the inbox until the receiver reads it.
  • It seems more professional over any other platforms.

However, we cannot deny that social media does give a boost to these email marketing strategies. Alongside, it acts as a method of driving customers.

Once you know the relevance of email marketing, you should know what it is. Put down in simple terms, email marketing is a direct marketing strategy. It is a form of communication to reach out directly to the target consumers. It plays a vital role throughout the buyer’s journey. Right from awareness to the decision making, it is essential to keep the leads engaged. 

After knowing what is email marketing, let’s move on to why all marketers trust it till date? Also, what advantages does it have in store for businesses? 

Advantages of email campaign and marketing:

Image Source: PeppyBiz

To establish a brand reputation is quintessential. But, most businesses do not opt for good marketing strategies because of the high demand for financial investment. With email marketing in hand, you even have this sorted. You don’t need to spend massive amounts. But, what advantages does all of this offer?

Here are the benefits of the implementation of email marketing you can expect:

  • Easy on pockets: If you are a big business or a startup, emails work for all. You can almost do it for free. Yes, you read that right! All you need is an influential email design and potential leads. Half of your task is done. Then, you can follow up with your email campaigns. 
  • Ease of use: You can do email automation without much trouble. This eliminates the time and cost of manual efforts. Also, everyone knows how to generate and send emails in the present day. There is no simpler and effective way to reach out to the audience. 
  • Reliable ROI: At the end of all strategies, every business expects good ROI. Emails also get that done. It is worth all your time and efforts with high response and customer interaction.

After knowing the advantages, you surely want to try it out. But, what next? How does the procedure follow? How to workout your email marketing strategy?

Let us understand the procedure that follows next.

Procedure for email marketing:

If you think email marketing is too complicated, then you are mistaken. You can carry it out in a few simple steps.

The first is attracting leads. You can do these using lead magnets. But, what are they? It costs nothing for these. You can even do this on your own. Here are some examples of lead magnets to help you understand what they are:

  • Newsletters
  • Offers
  • E-books
  • Webinars
  • Free trials

You might have seen many brands implementing this. You can have many other techniques which work as lead magnets. They help you attract potential leads. 

Okay, what after you have good leads? Next step involves collecting emails and having the mail list. Because, what use is email marketing without emails, right? 

You can easily get emails by asking the site audience to subscribe to your services. Or maybe get forms filled. It is one of the integral steps throughout the process. Collecting mails also allows you to create personalized emails. Further, you can reach your target audience in the most authentic way. 

The last and rather the quintessential step on which the whole process relies is an email campaign. It involves designing, planning and sending out emails. A well-crafted email can bring in massive conversions. However, in case you are unable to do that, you will have to revamp your strategies. Ensure that the design and content you provide your customers with is influential. They should be engaged and inquisitive with the brand. It also helps in strengthening relationships with customers. Once you do this, send them out and wait for results. The best way you can do in present-day is by using automation. Email automation further helps you get all the statistics that you need. 

Image Source: PeppyBiz

After getting the statistics, understand where and how your emails reached. What your customer response was like. What strategies you need to revamp. This will help you develop a clear picture of the email marketing strategy

Talking of email marketing strategy, there are ample. But, you must know the top ones you can implement.

What are the best email marketing strategies?

Every business can have a different strategy. But, there are surely some common ones which all must implement to keep their email game strong. 

Stay authentic and create your own email list. Rely on your subscribers. This helps you reach out to the right audience. You surely don’t want to reach out to the disinterested ones who never open your emails!

Plan the emails well. Do not spam your customer’s inbox. Send them relevant content. You can start by sending a welcome email. Next, follow up with newsletters. Then, finally, reach on to the sales part. That’s how you grow by keeping the customers engaged.

Everyone is on mobile phones nowadays. So, it’s better to optimize your emails for mobile as well. Both in terms of design and back-end operations. 

Most importantly, don’t just promote but add value. Deliver content is such a way that the customers find it relevant. They are likely to lose interest if you spam them with sales emails. Surprising your customers with some good deals is an add on.

What if I want to automate my emails? Are there any software or marketing brands?

Email automation is the current trend. This completely eliminates the need for manual efforts. Rather, unlike other marketing automation, you can fully automate emails. So, why not opt for the easier way out?

Platforms like PeppyBiz offer email marketing services to make your task easier, faster and efficient. They help in managing everything. Right from email creation to analysis, they’ve got you covered. Why not get your business growing?


To summarize, emails are traditional methods. But, the most trusted and efficient ones in the market. While social media works according to trends, you can create your own email trends. If you are looking to get your business started and need to market it well, emails are the key. 

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