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The best software to run a successful fitness business is here

software to run a successful fitness business


When looking to invest in gym management software, you need one that allows you to get everything done the way you need but without the stress of complexity. It’s also vital that you get the experience right for your customers.

TeamUp is the best all in one gym management software. Their platform, with thousands of customers globally, simplifies membership payments, offers an improved customer experience, and streamlines administrative tasks for owners of fitness businesses including yoga, personal trainers, Pilates, boxes, boutique gyms, and more.

The software both serves their customers (fitness businesses) as well as their customers’ customers (members of the fitness business).

Reasons why it is the best Gym Management Software:

  • TeamUp understands their customers in a way that is both great for the member experience and their customers’ customer experience. Their CRM and payment processes eliminate the hassle customers face regularly when trying to first run their fitness business.
  • It also has a powerful reporting tool that helps customers segment target specific customer groups and helps them understand trends in order to adapt their business.
  • It is also the most reliable software when it comes to professional management for the studios, gyms, and boxes, and the most recommended software in the industry.
  • TeamUp’s software allows customers to manage in-person and online class bookings through their application, saving a lot of time on repetitive tasks. This tool also helps reduce no-shows.
  • Their customers’ members have the ability to book classes online as well as view their gym or studio’s schedule, class type, instructor, and availability.
  • Members can also easily make and amend their bookings from the member app which is available on both Android and iOS for any tablet or mobile device.

Special TeamUp features:

  • TeamUp has a scalable pricing model that automatically adjusts depending on the number of customers that attend a class that month. Customers of TeamUp pay per the number of active members they have that month, rather than the features available when using the software. Ensuring efficient pricing that is flexible for their customers.
  • The streamlined calendar helps filter and group classes as well as instructors and venues which are available on the list either daily, weekly, or monthly. There is also an option to select and view specific days not showing within that time period.
  • TeamUp partnered with Zoom to offer an integration which helped their customers transition to giving classes online. This has been especially beneficial to their many clients, during the global pandemic. This feature automatically sends the video link to members who have signed up for that class and marks attendees off the register when they join the class, which is one of the most unique features of the tool.
  • Members pay in advance which eliminates the worry of no-shows and having to process refunds. If a member is not able to sign up for a class due to no more availability, they can choose to join the waitlist. If a member is able to cancel in advance, then the first member on the waitlist gets the open spot. This ensures that classes are full and does not require the owner or instructor to manage the cancellation and worry about filling the open spot.
  • Their two main payment processors are GoCardless and Stripe which are available globally.
  • Using the online app customers are able to manage everything (schedules, classes, instructors, payments) online and in one place.

TeamUp’s software offers amazing benefits. From the flexible class schedules to managing multiple class types and venues, to offering several different types of memberships and class packs, the software makes running a fitness business hassle-free and streamlined. Their customers are able to worry less about day to day processes and focus on offering the ultimate customer experience at their gym, studio, or box.

On top of the software, TeamUp has a dedicated team of international employees that are available to assist their customers with anything they need. Whether it is tips on getting started or advice from other customers on running their businesses, TeamUp’s extensive resources provide valuable tools for their customers and their members.

If you are looking for an incredibly powerful, yet easy to use tool to help you take your gym, studio, box, or any other fitness business to the next level, TeamUp is for you.

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