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What Are the Top Advantages of Installing A Trending Fingerprint Time Attendance in A Company?

Fingerprint Time Attendance


Gone are the days when offices used to record their employee attendance in a spreadsheet manually. In today’s digital era, technology has replaced old age, register books. In multinational companies or an academic institution, employees now record attendance using biometric system. 

These have a fingerprint scanner connected to the database of the company’s main core system. Whenever an employee scans his finger in the biometric system, his record is pushed into the database, along with the time of both check-in and check-out. 

The trending fingerprint time attendance system has proven to be extremely lucrative for businesses worldwide, not just in some developed countries. However, many companies are still relying on the old methods of tracking the attendances despite knowing that their businesses are exposed to numerous vulnerabilities. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the top benefits that one can enjoy by installing a biometric tracking system for his employees. 

No More Time Theft with Biometric Scanners:

One of the most seen scenarios with the old attendance system was that of time theft. Employees used to come late, and while filling up the registers, they used to put the usual office time, which was way earlier than the actual time of their entry. Similarly, when checking out of the office, they used to put the usual office time, whereas their exact check-out time was way earlier. This time theft can be prevented using the trending fingerprint time attendance system since no one has to manually enter the time. Once you scan your fingerprint, the time is automatically recorded and entered the database. 

Ease in Calculating the Payrolls:

With time theft and falsified attendance, it was often observed that the finance department had problems calculating the payrolls and processing the monthly salaries. This was proving to be a disaster for the HRs and the admin department. Therefore, using a fingerprint attendance tracker can prove to be beneficial by providing you with a properly recorded timesheet of all employees.

No Extra Labor Force is Required for the Maintenance of the Attendance Record:

With the trending fingerprint time attendance system, there is no need to hire a group of manual workers, who will maintain the spreadsheet manually, cross-check the entry and exit time of all employees, identify tail-gaiting and impersonation, and so on. This has greatly reduced the workforce, thereby helping the HRs to enhance employee efficiency. 

Prevents Impersonation:

With no implementation of automated or technological attendance recorder, employees were able to impersonate each other. For example, let us say employee A and B are friends. One day, B did not come to office. Instead, his attendance sheet was filled by A. Such scenarios are called impersonations and can be fatal to the business at the time of audits. Therefore, you need to install a trending fingerprint time attendance system where the biometric scanner will prevent such fraudulent activities in your company. 

Employee Management can be Enhanced:

With the installation of the trending fingerprint time attendance recording system, you can manage your employees better and more efficiently. You can keep a record of the number of hours they are working. Also, employees will be forced to maintain the usual office timing unless they face any emergencies. No more falsified attendances can be recorded, and hence each employee must come to the office. If they are taking a leave, either they need to drop off a mail or apply for leave. 


Since its introduction, the trending fingerprint time attendance system has benefitted many businesses in different ways. Here, we just listed some of the major ways in which such biometric recorder has uplifted the companies’ workload and working system. 

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