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Effect of Playing Online Games On Kids – The Good and Surprising

Online Games for Kids


When you were small, you might have heard your parents shouting at you when you were playing video games. They compel us to stop video gaming and play outside with other children. They say that it’s good for your physical and mental health. And it’s true.

While playing outside has many benefits to the kids’ health, we can’t completely rule out the positive effects on the kids when they play video games. Playing for a limited time increases concentration levels in kids which is used for their logical thinking in the future. And its benefits don’t stop there. Let’s explore here all the good and surprising benefits of playing video games.

Problem solving skills:

Almost every video game is associated with problem solving. Whether it’s an action, logical, or role-playing game –you have to solve one level to reach another. So, when your kids play these video games, they try to solve each problem of each level so that they can win the game at last. Even if they fail at first time, they try to do it the next time. Or they seek advice from other children who have already beat the level. All these characteristics are needed when they become adults and when they have to solve real-time problems.

Strategical thinking and planning:

While playing video games, kids need to think at a deep level to solve the problem. For instance, in video games like Age of Empires, there are limited resources and soldiers, and they need to pass the level using only those given resources. So, they think about how to move forward by utilizing the resources they are given. Same way, they apply the same skills in their real life when they become adults.


There are a lot of multi-tasking tasks that one needs to do while video-gaming. You have to see the opponent movements, score, and everything that’s visible on the monitor. For this, your kids need to have a good coordination between eyes and hands, which they develop when they play video games.

Quick decision making skills:

Another important skill for the kids in these days to have is quick decision making skill. When life throws them difficult or emergency situations, they need to think, analyze, and take a decision in a matter of seconds. It’s possible when they had their own share of playing video games in their childhood. As video games throw them realistic problems, kids get practice in solving and taking quick decisions.

Ability to follow instructions:

Playing a game without reading the instructions is almost impossible. Because each game is designed with its own set of instructions. So, kids have to follow instructions to play game just as designed. In case they fail to do so, they may not win the game which is something they don’t want. So they try to develop reading each instruction carefully.

Ability to memories small details:

Another skill kids need to cultivate in their childhood is memorising ability. And video games help them with that. While playing games, they need to memorise each instruction, each character, each talent that every character has, etc. So, they work their brain to memorise each detail and eventually they increase they memorising capability.

Fine judgement skills:

Judgement of each character is necessary to play a fine game. Kids have to think which hero suits them best, which weapon to use, which vehicle will make them win, etc. to pass the level. And in the same way, they try to judge people in real time and know with whom to have a real connection in their life. It’s necessary for them to successful in both their professional and personal lives.

Team work and management:

Some video games are designed in a way that they have to play with other children. In such cases, they need to communicate, coordinate, and work with other kids to win the game. While doing this, they need to listen to other kids and speak to them in a way so that they can all move forward. It’s essential later in their life when they were given an opportunity to lead a team. 

Video games are educational – when played for a limited time:

Like everything, video games have their own ups and downs. As a parent, it’s our duty to let kids have their own time of video gaming all the while keeping an eye on what kinds of games they are playing and for how much time. Also, we have to include video gaming as a part of vacation care. When we do this, kids are sure to reap the benefits of the video games.

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