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How Can HR Software Help Employees?

HR Software


Every time we talk about HR software in India or elsewhere, the conversation starts and ends at what it does for HRs. We clearly forget that the role of HR software has escalated to way more than that. It has escalated from HR functions and being in control of just HRs to a facilitator for leaders and employees in taking big employee-related decisions and in helping the employees keep a track of their goals, attendance and much more. We consider it limiting for companies to think and hear the usage and benefits of HR software from the angle of just HR. 

So, in this blog, we will cover the ways in which and HR software in India helps the employees. Needless to say, the HR software have ESS that is employee self-service for employees to access their information and upload, edit and view a lot of other things that the software has to offer. So, let’s one by one dive right into them! 

  • See, mark and correct attendance-

Earlier the pressure was real, it was just HR who had the access to payroll and attendance data of everyone and no one else. This used to become very strenuous and time consuming for them. Now, every employee can mark CSLs, period leaves and use attendance regularization’s if due to glitch or forgetfulness the attendance for a day is not marked in the software. 

  • Apply for loans and declare investments- 

Employees and HR earlier used to face a lot of trouble in doing these tasks. The HR has to always give up the tasks they are doing in between and employees used to come and again and again leaving their actual work to get this done. However, with HR software in India, employees can very easily apply for the loans and investments in a few clicks and the HR can take that up according to the time slot he/ she has dedicated to checking such requests. 

  • Tell how their mood is every day-

The new updates in some HR software have this really amazing feature using which the employees can tell how their mood is and what is the reason for that mood when they log in for the first time in a day. 

  • Appreciate their colleagues or managers-

Often we forget appreciating the colleagues and managers for when they walk an extra mile to help us or do a great deed. This happens because people are busy at work. However, with the HR software in India available on the cloud, employees can badge and appreciate on the go. 

  • Download their payslips-

Earlier the HR has to retrieve every information and give it in the printed form to employees with a signature on the receipt. Clearly, it was tolling, now every month every employee right after or on the day salary is credited to their accounts gets their payslips in a downloadable PDF form. This also doesn’t need a signature from the HR. So, every month this is how employees can get their payslip and see the breakdown of their salary. If they see any discrepancy, they can raise a ticket. 

  • Raise tickets for their issues-

Instead of going to HR for every small or big issue, the employees can raise a ticket to any department they need a solution or answer to their query for. For instance, they can raise a ticket to the IT team and write the issue in the description. Thereafter, they can choose how much priority it requires like high, medium, low and then someone from the team comes to give the solution accordingly, This removes the need to find the mobile number extension or walk across the floors. 

  • Stay updated with every company and team related news-

The employees instead of wasting their time in checking every mail can check the updates as they do on their social apps feed. 

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