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How to Maintain Your Home’s Curb Appeal Clean and Neat

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Regardless of whether you are looking to sell your home and need it to look spotless around the clock or you simply want the exterior of your home to catch the eye of every passer-by, there are many tips and tricks you can rely on to achieve your goal. If you are in search of ways to keep your home’s curb appeal clean and neat, keep on reading.

Update your front door:

If it’s not hidden by the landscape or the porch, the front door is usually the focal point of a home’s exterior. It often happens that the doors came with the house and you never thought about changing them. Well, if you want to upgrade the overall look of your curb appeal, it’s time to do something about them. For instance, if possible, you can replace the doors with a wider model and make your home more inviting. On the other hand, if you think there is no need to completely swap them out, you can do a repainting project. Sand them down, prime them, and paint them in a hue of your choice. You can stay neutral with black or brown or go bold with blue or green.

Give your façade a lift:

The next thing to pay attention to is the façade. Most people choose to give the outside part of their home a fresh coat of paint every couple of years. If you do that as well, there might not be anything to do at all. However, you can consider making some changes by adding wood or metal cladding to your façade. Moreover, if you already have this type of exterior, you should make sure it’s not damaged in any way and fix it up if it is. Other than that, a quick scrub and rinse to remove any dirt should be enough.

Keep your porch free of clutter:

Many homes have a porch that the family uses extensively. If that is the case with you, you should ensure that the porch is not full of clutter. You can have a swing and other seating options but don’t overwhelm it with items. Don’t use it to store various things that can’t fit in the home and keep it tidy after you’re done using it as you don’t want the first impression that people get to be that you are a hoarder.

Clean up the paths:

A big part of the curb appeal is the walkways and driveways that lead to your home as well as the sidewalk in front of it, which is why you have to keep them in pristine shape. Start by fixing the cracks and dealing with the weeds. Then, give them a good wash by using your pressure washer and retractable hose reel. Moreover, in fall, it’s not uncommon for these to be covered in fallen leaves and branches. Sure, you’re not going to spend every waking moment getting rid of these but you should never allow the leaves to completely cover the paths.

Inspect the gutters:

To prevent a future problem with your façade and foundation, you should regularly clean your gutters and downspouts. Ensure they are not clogged up or damaged in any way. If they are clogged, either hire professionals to clean them or look for the safest way to do it yourself. Broken gutters should be fixed or replaced as soon as possible to prevent them from causing a bigger issue than just an unsightly appearance. While at it, you should also check your roof for damage as it is the first thing people spot when approaching a home.

Maintain your landscaping:

Of course, you cannot neglect the landscaping. Start with regular lawn maintenance. Depending on the type of grass, you should mow it once every ten days or so. How you cut it is also important so don’t go too short as cutting off more than a third from the top can cause serious harm to the grass. Make sure the mower blades are sharp and never mow wet grass. On the other hand, you should also trim any bushes and trees on your front lawn as you don’t want them to obstruct the beautiful view of your home. If there are no flowers, you can consider planting some if you want to add a pop of colour and playfulness.

Install proper lighting:

Finally, after doing all that work, you should ensure people can properly see your home. That is why you need to consider the lighting as well. Not only will this illuminate the property for others to see but it will also help you get around at night and make cleaning up easier. Other than placing a pair of sconces next to the front door, you can also put a few ground lights next to the path that leads to the entrance.

By doing these little chores on a regular basis, you will make the maintenance of your home’s curb appeal much easier as you will never have too much to deal with at once. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy your beautiful home.

Author Bio: Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.

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