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10 Fusion Sweets for This Festive Season

Fusion Sweets


The Indian calendar is choc-a-block with festivities like Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid, Raksha Bandhan, Dussehra, Diwali, etc. Apart from shopping, celebrations, and sociability, there is something that adds significantly more excitement to your happy soul, and that includes sweet extravagances, as mithai-gorging hits the rooftop. We bring you exceptional Indian Fusion Desserts that will undoubtedly leave the sweet-toothed requesting more and more.

Sweet Ravioli with Lacha Rabdi:

You can discover incredible pasta anywhere these days, yet you probably won’t have attempted sweet pasta for dessert! Sweet Ravioli loaded down with paneer and dry nuts, soaked in sugar syrup and presented with Rabdi. Try this flavour blend dessert during this bubbly season and make your guests try this too, it will lead to the establishment of an extraordinary connection between you guys !!

Thandai Mousse Cake:

This flavourful treat should be accompanied with a warning every time one tastes it since it is so IRRESISTIBLE! It’s that blend of thandai and whipped cream with the smash of pistachios…try it, and you will see what all the fuzz is about.

Apple Jalebi:

An apple a day keeps the Doctor away! It is like ever-popular Jalebi getting a fruity makeover. Get the healthy goodness of apples along with the juicy, crispy deliciousness of Jalebis. They taste fantastic individually, just think what will happen when combined together? A Taste Blast!

Oats sesame Ladoos:

Oats sesame Ladoo with almonds is a healthy yet delicious snack for kids to munch on. These ladoos are great bites for kids that is stacked with protein, iron, and fibres. Excellent as an after school or evening bites, particularly when children don’t care to eat oats in the porridge form.

Peach Phirni:

Thick, creamy, smooth rich and oh so delicious this Peach Phirni is sure to win several hearts. So, this festive season makes a healthy yet amazingly delightful drink for your guests.

Baked Boondi Parfait:

Boondi baked in homemade Rabdi which is basically thickened sweet milk, with pistachios, chocolate, or any other nuts that you prefer. It will make one of the best-fused dessert or sweet for your beloved ones. Also, it is super easy to make.

Thandai Phirni:

Phirni is a traditional rice pudding, whereas Thandi Phirni is a dessert with a little twist in the traditional Phirni recipe which has a great and delicious outcome. And with a rich topping of chopped nuts makes this fusion dessert a melt-in-mouth treat.

Motichoor Rabdi Parfait:

Who doesn’t love those orange delicious desi ghee Motichoor ladoos? Everyone does. Well, here is something more delicious and delectable sweet, ever-popular Motichoor ladoos with a modern. Guest will definitely be asking for more and more! Here Motichoor ladoos are combined with Rabdi and are converted into something more deliciously superior.

Chocolate Cinnamon Gujiya:

Take some traditional gujiyas and give them a modern makeover with chocolate, cinnamon and chopped nuts. Fill gujiyas with all these and then roll them in chocolate chips and cinnamon sugar! Mouthwatering and Heavenly!

Beetroot Tofu Barfi:

Well, if your kids do not eat veggies, then this is the best way to sneak in veggies into desserts and not make them realize. Let this easy to make dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan Barfi in your dessert list, and see the magic of healthiness spread all around this festive season.

So, these were some of the amazing fusion sweets that you can make this festive season and surprise your beloved ones. But, if you still want to go with simple yet delicious cake then just opt for online cake order in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or wherever you live and enjoy the festivity with your friends and family.

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