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Voice Assistant Technology for Enterprise

Voice Assistant


Speech is always the most favorable mode of communication Voice Assistant . Then, why should we not use speech-driven technologies to revolutionize our business world? Perhaps, we are already familiar with Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. With AI technology and voice-activated apps, we can simplify our everyday mundane tasks. However, these voice-enabled solutions are also applicable at the enterprise level.

Before the introduction of voice assistants, we used to rely on voice detection systems. But, these systems have a lack of integration mechanisms and do not replicate human voice experience. Thus, voice assistants have come forward to overcome challenges.

What is Voice Assistant Technology?

Voice assistants have special capabilities of responding to voice commands while giving relevant information regarding the user’s inquiry. They can process product orders, answer queries, start a phone call, and play music. Although we mostly deal with the basics, they will have more complicated capabilities shortly.

But how do these voice assistants work?

To say simply, Voice Assistant Technology starts with some trigger to inform the system about the incoming speech-based data. The phrases, like Siri, Hey, and Okay, work as a trigger.

If we go beyond the generic voice-enabled tech, it can provide a voice recognition solution with powerful AI and neural networks. While the device captures the voice stream, it translates that voice into text.

Voice assistant systems perform their function using interconnected logic that involves different voice instructions from a range of sources. 

Enterprise voice assistants- Identify the prospect:

Voice AI for enterprise will no more be a mere option. Rather, it will turn out to be a necessity. It will be the strongest weapon to transform the corporate world.

Digital transformation:

With the growing importance of voice in the web world, several organizations are looking for an alternative channel to consume information. Nowadays, consumers like to access essential information anytime and from any place. Thus, with the deployment of enterprise-standard voice assistants, companies can make their user’s journey smoother. 

Hearables and wearables:

Apple, Google, Amazon, and other tech giants have introduced smart voice AI-powered devices, ranging from wireless earbuds to glasses. You can pair these devices with AR/VR systems to streamline your business operations.

Smart offices:

Voice-powered systems have capabilities of transforming the work environment. Your employees will feel comfortable when they operate kitchen appliances, manage AC, and control lights with a simple voice.

Inclusive workplace:

Today, lots of employers are trying to create a disability-inclusive workplace. However, most of them do not know how and where to start. To remove the inconvenience of visually impaired and physically disabled workers, voice control technology is the ultimate solution.

Two main features in voice assistants:

High compatibility- To measure the value of your chosen voice assistant, you need to know what you can control with this technology. The most compatible voice assistants provide you with full control of the technology.

The capability of performing tasks rightly- The voice assistant systems have to accomplish tasks and respond to queries by following your voice. In fact, the quickness and accuracy of response are the most notable factors to identify the best voice assistant.

Voice assistants- How do they benefit your business?

Simplify your business operations-

The integration of Voice Assistant Technology into your business will increase productivity. As it never stops functioning, you can make your everyday operation smoother and raise the efficiency level.

Voice assistants can remember important deadlines and dates, and thus, they can schedule appointments without the risk of errors.

Save your time with the automation of repetitive tasks-

Intelligent voice assistant systems can save the working hours of your employees. By using this technology, you can provide a better customer experience while increasing the productivity level.

Advanced eCommerce marketing solutions-

The eCommerce platforms can deploy chatbots enabled with voice assistant technologies. Online shopping activities will become more enjoyable for customers. Moreover, by collecting data on customers’ locations, transaction details, and interests, businesses can tailor their marketing program.

Better customer service standard-

Voice assistants are one of the best utilities for businesses concerned about customer services. This intelligent technology responds to follow-up orders, payment processing, and other queries. While human beings may need some break during the working hours, smart technology can work consistently. 

Thus, if you have implemented voice assistants, your business will stay active all the time. In fact, they will turn out to be your secretary, as they can answer calls, book appointments, receive messages, and do a lot of things.

Language is no more an obstacle-

Businesses can now eliminate language barriers by using voice assistants. Presently, Google’s assistant can interpret more than 25 languages. Therefore, you can integrate this technology into your online platform to communicate with customers from different countries.

Provide the best HR solutions-

The HR department of your company can now reduce its load by using voice assistants. The innovative voice technologies have the capability of choosing the right talents by conducting initial interviews. Moreover, the combination of AI and ML technologies makes the hiring process highly accurate.


To sum up, voice technologies play a role in our digital corporate world. Google CEO, S.Pichai found that more than 20% of Google queries are voice searches. You can use Jetson, the ultimate voice assistant solution for enterprises. From voice commerce to voice search, Jetson has covered everything for you.

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