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Why Choosing The Right Pet Food Is Important?

Pet Food


Pets are adorable and make a good companion in both good and bad times. Amid all the fun we share with them, the most crucial aspect that we should not undermine is their nutrition. The market for pet food products is a big maze. We often get trapped by certain brands that offer big promises but end up on a disappointing note.

We should select brands that are legitimate and reliable. Ideal pet food provides our pets plenty of stamina, keeps their digestive systems healthy, nourishes their coats and skins, and makes them robust from both outside and within. A nutritious diet can give your dog a good sleep in his cozy Pet Beds.

Key aspects of choosing nutrition and variety of food for pets:

There are a variety of deals in the nutrition philosophy of pets among experts. The more we ask people, the more the notions will vary. Depending on the type and nature of pets, the nutritional requirements vary. So, it’s essential to do extensive research and examination of ingredients before adopting any specific diet.

A complete and balanced diet:

We should look for food items that are tested and formulated as per health standards. We should be cautious enough to ensure that our pets do not miss out on any essential nutrients. Any skip on a nutrient may cause serious health issues such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, or kidney dysfunction. Pets should consume foods rich in proteins, vitamins, calories, fibers, fatty acids, amino acids, etc. Also, health supplements must find a place in pet’s diets.

Life stage, level of activity, and breed size:

Depending on the life stage of canines, you should adopt a diet plan that could meet their nutritional requirements. Since the metabolic rate is higher than that of adult and senior dogs, their food should be rich in proteins and high in calorie count. When they grow into adults, their protein and calorie consumption should be decreased as that could lead to obesity. As senior dogs are less active, their food should be low in calories and rich in fiber, fatty acids, and proteins.

The food intake of kittens should be more than the of adult cats as they are in their budding stage. Kittens should be served meals thrice a day. For an adult cat, one or two meals would suffice.

Breed Size:

  • Small breed dogs have high metabolic rates than medium and larger breed dogs. Hence, they require food high in calorie count and water content.
  • For medium breed dogs, the metabolic rate is less than small breed dogs but higher than large breed dogs. Their food should essentially constitute vitamins, fatty acids, and proteins.
  • Large breed dogs are very energetic. Their food should be rich in proteins, carbs, fibers, and vitamins.

Level of activity:

If a dog is a runner or a player, he would burn more calories as compared to a dog whose activities mainly include strolling. Highly active dogs require foods rich in calorie counts. Generally, dogs often found shrunken in their dog beds need a diet that could regulate their body mass and prevent them from being obese.

Inspecting the label and ingredients:

Before you buy any pet food product, it is essential to go through the label and ingredients. Look for food products that are AAFCO approved. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) approved food product meets the health standards of high quality and balanced nutritional diet.

However, not all AAFCO food products are the best. So, look for the ones which exceed the standards of AAFCO. Opt for a product that has mentioned its meat items in the first two or three ingredients in the ingredient list.

  • Herbivores such as rabbits should be fed with foods that have alfalfa or hay with high fiber as the first ingredient in the list.
  • Since cats are complete carnivores, their food should primarily contain meat-based items.
  • The bodies of cats require amino acids, such as taurine, primarily found in fishes and chickens. You should be aware that the food product shall not contain high amounts of preservatives and fillers.


There are myriads of health options available in the pet food market. However, we should choose only those food items that are tried and tested and best suit our furry friends. Apart from our vets, we can help our friends, dog owners, trainers, and experts collect valuable information about pet food.

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