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How to Make Your Backyard Kid Friendly

Backyard Kid Friendly


Adults are called upon to protect the world of childhood and make it as comfortable as possible. Every child wants to move and play a lot, and you can make sure to make their childhood even better. So that children do not get bored in the house, you can create a playground for them in your own yard. We will give you a few ideas:

Crafts for a playground in the yard with your own hands from scrap materials:

The interests of little family members are changing gradually. Therefore, parents should be ready to modernize the children’s area in the yard. If there are children of different ages, then it is desirable for each to be given the opportunity to do their own thing.

Already at two or three years old, girls and boys begin to form their own preferences. There are also general games. Educators and psychologists say that sometimes there may be shifts in interests. The reasons are different in each case. But one thing is certain — everyone loves to play.

On the children territory, you can create play crafts from scrap materials: awnings or umbrellas. They will protect from the sun in the heat, and in bad weather, you can hide from the rain. The structure of outbuildings depends on the area that they can cover. Single-column umbrellas have a square or round dome, cover no more than 4.0-4.5 m². Three- and four-post canopies are more stable, therefore they can protect up to 10-12 m².

Girls like to play in houses. They are sovereign mistresses here. You need not only the house itself, but you will also need to make benches, chairs and tables. You may need shelves for dishes for the game;

Sandboxes are a favorite place for children of all ages and can be decorated with stone crafts, a peacock made from plastic bottles, or even swings made from old chairs. The sand is easy to clean off clothes, it does not leave marks.

What can be done from wood and logs:

Wood is easy to process. For work, you can use hand tools. They help to saw, plane, grind and assemble with glue, nails and screws.

The walls of spatial structures are made of plywood or chipboard. By treating the blanks with protective impregnation, they extend the service life of products intended for outdoor use by several years. Planks, bars and other building materials remain after the completion of the main work on the construction of the house. It is difficult to build something big from them, but small crafts are possible. Often they are used for creating figurines of fairy-tale characters, they then begin to live their own lives in different parts of the site. If you want to make some kind of toy or carved wooden benches for a playground, you need to draw a sketch of the future product. If you have experience with engineering design programs, it is helpful to work through the design by creating a 3D model. Individual details are being worked out with greater care.

The advantage of 3D modelling is also that all virtual models can be coloured and see how they will look in combination with the rest of the fragments. Individual options can be discussed with “customers”. Children often make interesting adjustments to the engineering of wooden crafts for play. You need to work with a wood behind a workbench. These can be: a full-fledged work table equipped with fixtures for fixing parts; a folding shelf, the main element of which will be a tabletop and stops to hold the workpieces during processing; some craftsmen use benches and stools. Planks or boards are laid on them, creating a small table for work.

Prepare the yard:

Don’t forget to prepare the land for all the work that you will be doing here. The playground should be fun, but also safe. Make sure that there are no bumps or dangerous shrubbery that can scratch your kids. Make sure to use proper garden tools, that will help you to finish this stage fast and the right way.

Small houses in the garden:

Kids adore small houses. For the play area, you can build them in several versions:

Collapsible structures. You can place them in a yard as soon as the weather condition allows you. Until late autumn, the huts can be in the open air. For the winter period, they are disassembled and stored until the next year. Most often, they are made from the materials that are unable to withstand bad weather;

Stationery products: These are more solid buildings. They are created using the same technologies as real houses. They usually have glazed windows. To prevent snow and rain from falling from the side, the doors fit tightly enough.

With your own hands: You can make a suitable option. The structures are based on sheet blanks, chipboard, DSP or plywood. By cutting the sheet, you’ll get walls, ceilings, doors, window frames. Labour intensity when working with such raw materials is minimal; boards and bars (blockhouse, lining) allow you to build a house that looks like a village building. A frame is created from a bar, then it is sheathed outside. The complexity is higher, but the appearance is much more interesting; flat slate (asbestos-cement sheet) is considered one of the “eternal” materials. Cutting is more difficult, as a lot of dust is generated when sawing. Collected on a frame from a metal corner or a wooden bar. After priming and painting, the building serves several generations. Where grandmothers played, granddaughters play, and sometimes great-granddaughters; polycarbonate (honeycomb or cast) allows you to build a transparent hut for games. The metal frame is welded from the shaped pipes, then the cut sheets are screwed to the base. Such playhouses are made in a day or two.

Interesting ideas:

In addition to traditional figurines or devices for games, you can create unusual and sometimes unexpected crafts.

-Large board. A drawing board is made from sheet material. You can draw, write and play on it.

-Climbing wall. A climbing wall is made for training of the future climbers. The ascent is carried out along different routes.

-Swing from chairs. Seats from chairs will serve as a children’s outdoor swing. You will only need to figure out how to secure the ropes.

-Fence for colouring. You can draw not only on the board. If you create a shield, then you can work on it not only with chalk. Little artists can create their own “immortal” canvases.


Arranging a playground is an interesting activity for the whole family. You can make crafts for a playground for children from any suitable material. Wood as a raw material for example allows you to create any structure in a short time, even a children’s sandbox with a lid. Your children can play for hours in a small house or an interesting playground. Boys will be captains on a toy ship and girls can be princesses. Turning on your imagination, you can come up with your own original craft. Your loved ones will appreciate the creativity.

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