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5 High-Quality Incontinence Products for the elderly

Incontinence Products


Incontinence of bowel or bladder is found in the elderly of age above 65 years. According to a report, around 51 % of people age 65 and above experience bowel or bladder incontinence. Most of them do not consider it a significant problem and neglect it even if it is difficult to go to the washroom frequently. They assume it as an old age problem and do not specifically try to control it. As a result, the elderly may undergo mental disturbances and social anxiety due to frequent urination or bowel excretion. 

What is Incontinence?

Bladder or bowel incontinence means the inability to hold the urine or stool.  Incontinence can occur if the muscles are too weak or too active. In the case of weak muscles, accidental excretion, or urination might occur. On the other hand, too active muscles create the urge to rush to the washroom to excrete. 

The incontinence may be due to nerve damage, urine retention, diarrhea, constipation, prostate problems, etc. One can manage bladder and bowel incontinence by simple exercises, medicines, and some special incontinence products.  

Usage of the best absorbent underwear is usually the most preferred way to handle incontinence. There are plenty of options available in this range and they suit well to manage mild, moderate, or severe cases of incontinence. Surgery is considered in rare cases, that help in fixing the damaged nerves or muscles. 

In the beginning, it might be difficult for the elderly to get used to these incontinence products. However, they shall find it helpful in the long run. Here are five high-quality incontinence products that can help the elderly

Briefs or Underwear’s:

Previously known as Adult diapers, these are more comfortable to handle incontinence. They are easy to use and come with removable patches on each side. The adult diapers are designed in various sizes, shapes, colors, and absorption levels. Thus, one can choose the right one according to their needs. 

Some of the best absorbent underwear available on the market can trap 10 ounces of urine. They are available at mostly all medical stores. These are considered one of the best incontinence products as they are more comfortable for the elderly. 

Owing to their ease of use that does not demand much external assistance, these briefs are also doctors’ first choice for incontinence patients. They are specially designed for both men and women. The elderly can rely on them during travel and bedtime without any worries about holding the bladder.

Sheet Protectors:

A sheet protector is spread over the bedsheets. These protectors help protect the bedsheets at night if the elderly are not able to control the incontinence. They help in keeping the sheet dry and prevent the bed from getting wet. The sheet protectors eliminate the need to change the bedsheets every day. They are easily washable, reusable, and budget-friendly options. 

Pant Liners:

Pant Liners are similar to sanitary pads used by women during menstruation. The only difference is that these are used for bladder incontinence in both men and women. Pant liners have an adhesive side that sticks to the underwear. 

Many best absorbent underwear brands of pant liners available on the market can trap 8 ounces of urine. They also come with odor block technology. Thus, pant liners are another comfortable option to use as they are easy to use and stick to the position, making it comfortable to move or sleep.  

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