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Creative Ideas for Branded Pop-up Shops to Get You Inspired

Shops to Get You Inspired


Although pop-up shops are associated with a certain event or a promo period, they are useful enough to be included in a brand’s long-term retail strategy. The best thing about pop-up shops is their versatility, as there is hardly an industry that cannot employ them. From the automotive industry to apparel brands, here are some of the most ingenious ways to set up an attractive pop-up shop.

Cross-industry promotions:

One of the most common types of pop-up shops are the ones merging two industries together. Many companies have teamed up with coffee shops and restaurants in the past to create foods and drinks that bear their company color scheme, taste, or sound.

For example, if you’re an apparel brand or a dyes manufacturing company, setting up a food stand is a great idea to promote colors and textures. From the kiosk’s façade to the color of the cupboard cups, every detail would speak volumes about your main product: colors. This way, customers would literally get a taste of your product. 

Getting a glimpse of company life:

The aforementioned apparel industry is notorious for poor working conditions, damaging the image of every clothes brand. One way to demonstrate to everyone that you treat your workers fairly and to allow customers to get a glimpse of the office life is to temporarily “teleport” an office worker into the view of the public, i.e. the street.

Businesses that already have brick and mortar stores can use existing shop windows, while others can rent semis with transparent glass containers. Basically, the workers chosen (or an actor, if there are no volunteers) would do what they normally do in the office but now passersby could see them.

This is a cool way to promote your brand but be sure to hire a security guard because there are all sorts of practical jokers there.

A luxurious pop-up shop that isn’t:

If your brand is considered budget or low-end, then it’s a good idea to open a luxurious pop-up shop that would market the brand as luxurious. Choose a spot near a shopping avenue or a shopping mall, next to other high-end stores, and watch customers flock to your new “store.” This form of branding is not only fun but it will effectively expand your customer base, attracting people who would never consider your brand otherwise.

A clandestine shop:

A common marketing strategy when launching a new brand is to reveal only a part of the brand’s identity. From TV ads to billboards, you would reveal only one aspect of the upcoming brand: the color scheme or the name or the logo. This way, you will arouse potential customers’ interest, so they will check out the brand when it finally reveals its full identity.

The pop-up shop associated with the secretive brand would be plain, without a single sign of what’s sold inside. This would make passersby inquisitive, as they would stop by the shop out of pure curiosity. Add a huge question mark over the door to further increase foot traffic of people who literally don’t know what they are walking into.

A shop like any other:

Regardless of its appearance, a pop-up shop needs to have all the amenities a regular shop does. These include a working toilet, display cases, underfloor heating, and a portable changing room for clothing stores. Although the design of a pop-up shop is sometimes wacky, it should still be pleasant to shop in.

When the shop is the product:

Image source

Speaking of the interior and the exterior design of the pop-up shop, try to make it as unusual as possible. Sneaker manufacturers often erect pop-ups that are shaped like a shoebox. Such an odd design won’t just attract potential buyers but the general public, as tourists and locals alike will want to snap a photo next to a weirdly-designed structure.

The strategy is actually a permanent form of advertising for various small businesses and solopreneurs, such as hot-dog sell sellers or pop-corn stands. Essentially, you can style the shop to look like any product imaginable; the wackier the design, the more interest it will attract. A dream come true for a marketer struggling with raising brand awareness.

Quizzing shoppers:

Sometimes, the shop doesn’t have to be a shop but rather a street stand. This minimalistic design allows “store” staff to interact with potential customers by offering them freebies or quizzing them on various topics. The “Change My Mind” meme is a great idea for a guerrilla marketing strategy involving pop-up stands/shops. The end-goal is to spur the interest of customers and to engage them in a meaningful way, so they remember the brand’s name and its logo.

Pop-up shops were you don’t pay in cash:

A shoe-shaped store doesn’t sound as crazy as a pop-up shop in which you don’t have money isn’t a currency. Although it requires a bit of a legal battle with local legislators, you could “sell” products and services inside the store for an Insta Story instead of money, for example.

The idea is not as preposterous as it seems, since the ultimate goal of a pop-up is promotion, rather than profits like a regular store. The real currencies of a pop-up are popularity, awareness, and influence.

For instance, a frozen food seller and/or producers can market his products by opening a provisional restaurant for a limited period and prepare the frozen meals that customers would pay with a post on Instagram or a tweet; as simple as that!

“Is this a store?”

Finally, you can open a pop-up pretending you don’t sell anything. For example, open a fitness lounge inside a gym where you would offer innovative machines, refreshment, and freebies. Visitors wouldn’t even know they’re inside a pop-up shop, so they would tell everyone they know how “the folks at the local gym are super fine.”

A branded pop-up shop is an excellent way to boost brand awareness and get people interested in your products or services. The success of a pop-up shop depends on your creativity, so having original ideas always helps. Unlike conventional marketing strategies that are pretty much pre-determined, setting up pop-up shops comes with endless possibilities for developing ingenious advertising concepts.

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