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6 Best Small Business Ideas for 2021

Small Business


From a financial standpoint, 2020 was difficult for everyone. If anything, it has only gone to prove how fragile the economic system may be and how unreliable it is to depend on a single stream of income. This is why a lot of people are considering the best way to start in 2021. Ideally, they would find a way to fund their own business, thus ensuring more financial independence. One of the ways to do so is to figure out the best opportunity for 2021. Some people are looking for a job that they can start as part-time and then transition into as full-time.

1. Content creation

Since some outdoor activities are mostly put-on hold and one’s social life is in difficult circumstances, people have more time to consume content than they ever had before. So, if you’ve ever planned on starting a YouTube channel, hosting a blog or producing content on any platform, now’s the right time. People are at home; they’re bored and they’re interested in a variety of content. The saturation of the market is pushed far past its previous point, which means that the fact that there’s more content produced than ever before shouldn’t be a major obstacle, either.

2. Online courses and coaching

Some people are using this period to adopt new skills, which would allow them to either start their own business or improve in vital areas. Any skill you have, literally any skill, can be offered online. Sure, active business skills, crafts and languages are your first stop but there are also people out there who coach others in their favourite video games. Platforms like Craigslist can be a perfect place for one to offer these services. Still, when it comes to language tutoring and similar other skills, it might be more efficient to find a specialized agency. This way, there’s someone else in charge of providing you with a decent workload.

3. Urban agriculture

Every crisis is followed by shortages, which means that those with stock or means to produce essential supplies and resources are in an advantageous position. Now, people in rural areas might be in a slightly better position to grow food and ingredients but there’s also the concept of urban agriculture to take into consideration. The concept of hydroponic farming and container rooftop farming is quite interesting and versatile. They are something that can enable you to produce vast amounts of agricultural goods in tight spots and in less-than-perfect conditions.

4. Elderly care services

In 2020, elderly people were the most endangered by the outbreak of the coronavirus. This increased the need for proper elderly care services. Since they were in lockdown across the globe, they needed the delivery services and specialized care. Also, it is a growing market. There’s an estimate that by 2030, the number of the elderly will surpass the number of children in the world. This alone means that the elderly care industry will be on substantial growth, as well. Still, this is something that not a lot of people can do.

5. E-commerce business

Traditional retail may seem like it’s plummeting but in 2021, e-commerce is bound to continue its upward trend. First of all, it’s important to mention that people who spend time at home, always need new DIY supplies, exercise kits or chess sets in order to kill the time. The key thing to remember is that some supplies depend on return customers, while things like chess sets and exercise kits are a one-time purchase. So, you would have to adjust your strategy accordingly.

6. Food business

Even though people are locked across the globe, they are still in need of basic supplies like food. Starting a food delivery business has never been a better idea. In fact, with all the restaurants closing down and with a non-disclosed date when they will be safe again, it’s a great idea to actually start with your own food delivery business and give people what they crave. The biggest challenge with any business is whether there’ll be a demand for the product/service that they’re offering. While things may seem grim in other areas, when it comes to starting a food business, it was never a better time.

In conclusion:

Instead of rigidly trying to push your own agenda, you always need to be ready and willing to adapt. When the circumstances change, some options appear less likely but there are also new opportunities appearing elsewhere. For those who were already interested in starting out in these industries, the situation may be more opportune than ever before. Either way, those with enough entrepreneurial spirit shouldn’t take too long. Start making a business plan and come up with an idea on how to execute it. Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.

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