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5 Secret Marketing Strategies To Expand Your Plumbing Business

Plumbing Business


Stuck in between where to start and how to expand the online marketing of your plumbing business? Nothing new! This is where people usually take a break, trying to steer the wheels of the business to success. The plumbing business is not rare in the industry. Hence, finding a breakthrough to expand the business across the globe is what every plumbing marketer aims at. Is this what your plumber marketing company intends?  

Well, we won’t make you upset. Here are a few secret tips and tricks that when followed can bring astounding results to the business. It may take time, but if you keep patience you will have a great takeaway.

Online marketing strategies for the plumbing business:

1. Run a referral program:

Customers are often attracted to exciting offers and discounts. And such an amazing way of attraction is by running a referral program. With this program, you can set up a referral campaign, allowing your existing customers to refer your brand to their friends and families. You can encourage them by offering additional offers and discounts. Running a referral program is easy. Just create content for the advertisement and share it on your social media platform. Offers and discounts will drive the attention of your existing customers and they will prefer referring their friends to your brand. This is another most effective way to expand your plumbing business and make good conversions in no time.  

2. Create exclusive whitepapers:

Have you ever emphasized creating whitepapers for your brand? Whitepapers are the confidential documents that need to be created if you want to highlight your business to prospective clients.

For example, if someone is looking for a plumbing service to revamp the plumbing fixtures after a home renovation, they can certainly make their choices by reading the detailed service list. Remember, when you are creating a whitepaper, your primary intention should not be on marketing your brand or services. Instead, you should ensure the content is rich with proper information, an illustration of the products used, the benefits, techniques, and so on. It should be the complete guidebook of your services. 

3. Emphasize video marketing:

Content marketing has the power to leverage your business with huge traffic and conversions. However, if you are looking for brand engagement and customer retention, probably video marketing brings you the real solution. 

Video content is more useful than normal textual content. If you are a regular user on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, you will find people spend more time watching videos than reading lengthy content. Hence, prioritizing video marketing will be a great approach to enhance your brand visibility and build huge engagement. 

The best way to market your videos is by using a YouTube video channel. Plenty of plumbing marketers use this loophole to determine multiple new business opportunities. Create a unique, emotional, simple yet professional video content relevant to the brand and post it on your channel. Make sure you add a captivating caption with a proper hashtag, CTA, and your website link.

4. Email marketing:

Many of you consider email marketing is obsoleted. But friends, it is one and only the most professional way of conducting your business on a digital platform. If you want to be strictly professional and simultaneously want to enhance your plumbing business without spending huge bucks on its lavishing promotion, we would recommend you to choose the old yet effective method of marketing.

Email marketing helps businesses to generate quality leads, gain feedbacks, share updates, and even promote the business on a short and crispy note. Tools like MailChimp are used to create bulk mails for the contacts. You can simply choose one beautiful template, add your original email marketing content, and get connected with your customers directly. Nothing can be more official than an email and nothing can be more proof than this marketing technique. 

5. Building engagement in online communities:

Social media engagement gets a hike when you start joining different social media groups belonging to the same niche. By getting in touch with different online communities, you can share and gain different marketing ideas, different business opportunities to expand your business.

Apart from social media groups, you can bring relevant traffic through online interactions on different mediums like Quora and Yahoo Answers of your Q&A communities. This brings a better chance to connect with your audience. 


SEO, SMO, ORM, paid advertising, content marketing, are the common digital marketing techniques that every online business implement. To be unique and to captivate the audience, the above-mentioned techniques will work the best. 

Look for an agency that offers a complete package of digital marketing services. Of course, they all belong to online marketing and you need to embrace them for better outcomes.

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