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Modern Office Trends for 2021


You’ve surely noticed how the office culture has changed in 2020. From large corporate premises to smaller personal spaces. People started working from home more often due to global pandemic. Now the things are slowly getting back to normal, which means that it’s time for new 2021 office trends.

This is an ideal time to step up your interior design game and incorporate new trends in the offices before they become cool. Will they be any different from the last years’ top trends? Read our modern 11 picks and find out what are going to be top trends in 2021.

1. More than an open space:

Open space offices have become a huge hit in the last couple of years. Many companies decided to ditch small cubicles and implement open space offices in their culture. You’re surely aware of the great benefits open space offices brought to the companies. However, since it’s no longer safe to stay so close to so many people, it’s time for yet another upgrade.

Instead of large open spaces crammed with people from various departments, consider creating designated spaces for each team. It can still be an open space office, but with fewer employees and more physical distance. Keep in mind that you need to keep your employees safe and healthy to run a business. 

2. Mobility offices:

Are you tired of sitting in the same old place every day for weeks, months and years? You’ve surely noticed how such monotony kills your creativity, and your employees might feel the same way. Then why should you limit them to only one workspace? If you want to improve your workplace, you should implement mobility offices.

Mobility offices consist of moveable furniture. Imagine rolling your desk closer to the window, if you feel like it, or setting it up on a different height level if you get tired of sitting. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Even though this may seem like a messy setup, having the choice to create an ideal workspace environment will positively influence your business. 

3. Expressing individuality:

20th-century corporations were all about conformity and uniformity. Boring! Luckily, the 21st century and 2021 will bring us a lot of possibilities to display our individuality and uniqueness. As each individual is different, keep in mind that different people thrive in different environments. So, what can you do to support their individuality?

Instead of having strict office policies, allow your employees to express individuality. Personal items and belongings can motivate them and help them work more efficiently. Also, consider organizing an informal Friday when they can jump out of their uniforms and wear comfier clothes. Give them a chance to design their own workspaces. However, you need to be careful here. If you allow too much flexibility and freedom, they might get too distracted. A balance is necessary. 

4. Add accessories:

Workplace accessories will be a true hit in 2021. Every company would like to attract only the most talented and hard-working employees. If you’d like to jump on that bandwagon yourself, design a creative office space with a lot of accessories. What should you implement?

The phone charging station will be very modern this year. You can implement larger ones in each office, or allow each desk to have a single charging station. Besides that, having neat desks is always a plus so pencil holders and paper organizer’s are a must-have in every office. Provide your employees with comfortable chairs and leg rests to help their posture. Don’t forget about desk lamps and enough lighting in the offices. Care about them and they will care about your company.

5. Video conferencing areas:

Since 2020 minimized physical contact and in-person meetings, it’s time for another upgrade in the system. Use this situation to your advantage. Instead of boring conference rooms for long meets take too much time for everyone, consider implementing video conferencing areas.

This way your employees will be able to meet with clients face to face, without physical contact. Install large screens to make sure that enough people can be included in those meetings. That’s how you’ll create a safer environment and provide space for meetings. Video conferencing area could be only one room, or more separate smaller compartments, depending on the size and needs of your company.

6. Common and team building spaces:

Even though your employees need to minimize physical contact with others, they still need to function as a team. That’s why this year’s trend will be creating a common area or a team-building space where your employees can get to know each other and build trust. How can you do that?

You can organize at least once per month informal gatherings in the company, where your employees and colleagues will come to chat and get to know other teams better. Consider creating a special room for that, such as a cafeteria or lounge. Think about serving coffee, tea and other nice beverages and healthy snacks to promote the healthy atmosphere in your business.

7. Workout space:

You’re probably aware of the fact that sitting for a long time can hurt your posture and negatively affect efficiency. Even if you provided your employees with only the best chairs on the market, sitting for 9 hours a day can’t be good for their health. That’s why 2021 will be all about wellbeing and wellness, so bring in that trend to your culture.

Create a workout space on your premises. You don’t have to build a full-blown gym. A couple of yoga mats and treadmills will be more than enough to shake the stress away, stay active and improve concentration. Besides that, it’s commonly known that light physical activity can help you be more motivated and creative during work. 

8. Leisure areas:

If you want your employees to work hard, you have to allow them to rest harder! Since wellbeing also includes mental health, all work and no play make your employees dull people. So, the experts advise us to implement leisure areas where employees can recharge their batteries and get back to work rested.  

What should leisure areas include? Besides comfy places to rest, such as lazy bags and couches, consider bringing in something stimulating. Did you know that video games can help your employees get inspired and creative faster? Additionally, they are a great way to meet other colleagues. Also, consider getting pool tables and table tennis which can entertain your workers and help them stay concentrated.

9. Homey atmosphere:

During the global pandemic, many people started working from home. Adapting to work from home life was hard, but getting back in the office may be even harder. You’ll have to get up earlier, commute to work, only to spend 9 hours of the day in an uncomfortable office. However, it doesn’t have to be that way!

2021 brings us a trend of homey and comfy offices. Institutional offices should be left in the past, and you can make your office a sanctuary where you’ll feel comfortable and inspired to work. To create such an atmosphere, besides personal belonging such as photographs, consider introducing a relaxing smell in your office. Buy some scented candles, and transform your workplace into a sanctuary.

10. Branded offices:

Everyone knows that marketing is vital for every business. Besides advertising your business through different media, such as online, newspapers and tally, 2021 will bring a new way of marketing; advertising your business through branded offices. How can you do so?

To strengthen business culture and organization, implement your brand into the design of the premises. Paint your logo on the wall and make sure that everything is designed according to the company’s colours. You can also attract more clients and customers by adding personalized brand details. For instance, you can add a personalized doormat from a store such as Mat Shop, that will welcome your clients and promote your company. That’s how you’ll create branded, but the welcoming and inviting atmosphere on your premises.

11. Sustainability:

Finally, the last hit of 2021 will be sustainable offices. You’re probably aware of the fact that our planet is in danger. If each individual contributes a little bit towards the eco-friendliness, we can bring our planet back on track. So, why don’t you use this opportunity to create environmentally friendly offices?

By creating sustainable offices, you will not only save the planet but also save money in the long run. Implement LED lightbulbs and encourage your employees to recycle and reuse. You can even buy sustainable office materials such as recycled paper or refillable pens that will last longer. Be the trendsetter in this area and remember that there is no planet B!


As you can see, 2021 will bring us a lot of new, exciting trends that will make our time in the office more pleasant. This means that your employees will be more likely to get motivated and try harder to efficiently complete their tasks, which is a huge bonus for your company. That’s why you should implement these trends on time and make sure that your offices are according to the latest trends.

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