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8 Top Tips to Help You Improve Your Artistic Drawing Skills

Artistic Drawing Skills


Drawing helps you to become more mindful of your surroundings. At the point you start to draw, you are setting aside some effort to really see something – to examine it and replicate it. You are not just setting up to quickly grasp it and move on to the next picture. In the rest of your life you become exceptionally mindful of structure, extent, and shading. You develop your perception of shadow and light and how they interrelate to form structure. 

This mindfulness can transfer to any visual pursuit and bring unexpected benefits to your day to day life. For the individuals who wish draw or improve their skills, here are a few ideas: 

1. Go Draw Something

Practice prompts improvement. The more you draw the more skilled you will become. 

2. Really Look at other Drawings

Regardless of whether they are straightforward line drawings or fastidiously nitty-gritty renderings, you can gain so much from examining the work of others. How did they use line and shape? How did they use shading and tone? 

3. Draw from Drawings 

This may sound peculiar, what could you learn by replicating a Da Vinci or Michelangelo sketch? Well a lot, so take opportunities to copy from others to practice and boost your artistic skills. You may discover a new technique you hadn’t come across before. 

4. Draw from Photos 

For some, it is simpler to recreate a picture that is already two-dimensional rather than to replicate a real object, individual, or landscape. 

Try to move on from exactly copying. Remember that many photos incorporate altered shapes and shades. Try to use photographs as reference, but perhaps replicate them in different ways – only using shading to create the image for example. 

5. Draw from Life

If you are just starting to draw from life, pick basic items and move your way up to complex ones. 

Draw your furnishings and your living spaces. Do you appreciate espresso? Draw your espresso mug. Here’s a test: draw your hand. 

Hands and feet are some of the most mind-boggling parts of your body and are an easily accessible study. Once you have mastered these, you’ll essentially have the option to draw anything. 

6. Take a Class

If you want to improve your art skills, why not enroll yourself in an online art school such as Visual Arts Passage to help your painting and artistic skills? 

A class will keep you focused on improvement while a teacher will be able to help you with any areas you struggle with. Watching others draw is also tremendously useful for building your own observation skills. 

7. Keep a Sketchbook

It will provide you with a space to snatch your pencil or pen and do some drawing as soon as inspiration takes you. Take the time every day to sketch whatever comes to mind. 

This constant practice will help you become a more skilled artist in the long run.

8. Be Purposeful

Wanting to be better at drawing requires practice and is something you should work towards, not something that will happen accidentally. 

You need to become responsible and set time aside each week or in your daily schedule to help nurture your skills otherwise normal life will take over. 

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