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Five Great Ways to Make Extra Cash


If you are looking to make some extra money on the side, you have come to the right place. Whether your current job simply isn’t cutting it, or you are looking to see your wealth grow even higher, there are plenty of smart ways available to make extra money without even needing to leave the house. In this article we will lay out five great strategies to see your wallet expand; read on now to see which ones we have picked. 

Rent out Your Spare Room:

Do you have a room in your house or apartment that you don’t even use? Perhaps it is time to convert it into a guest room! Depending on your location and comfortability, you can either rent it out permanently or use it as a seasonal room — it totally depends on you! As you already pay the bills for your home, there are barely any additional costs involved, meaning passive income coming regularly into your account.   

Get a Cash Back Credit Card:

Allow your own money to generate extra wealth with a cash back credit card. Some credit cards have schemes whereby a certain amount of your purchases made with the card are debited back into your account. The number can be quite generous too, with some offering up to 2% back on all purchases made with their card. This means more money that can be funneled into an investment account. We would recommend that you: 

Invest In Cryptocurrencies:

Simply put, cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Ether and Bitcoin are the new oil. Endlessly fluctuating in price, they can be quite a lucrative investment if you buy them at the right time. Take Bitcoin for example, which has soared from mere cents to tens of thousand of dollars, making some people incredibly rich. Whatever you do, however, do not forget your password as you might get locked out of a notable sum of cash.

Sell Your Car:

This one may depend on how many cars that you have or where you live. If you have more than one car or live in an area where it is easier to get around by public transport, then selling your car can be a solid way to quickly get some cash in hand. Agents can help you make the most of this decision, whether you are selling a Prius or something more high-end, for instance if you are selling a Ferrari, We Buy Exotics can help you get the most value out of your car. 

Develop a Side Hustle:

This is probably the most difficult of the five options, but if it is done well, then it is easily the most lucrative. Side hustles, or second jobs, can turn your additional passions into fully-fledged income streams. It is recommended to look at what you are already interested in or believe you have some talent in and find a way to monetize it. This requires extra work during the evenings and weekends, but if successful, it can help you double or even triple your regular income! This is more popular than ever, with nearly half of Americans having a side-hustle!

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