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4 Assumptions Personal Injury Lawyers Wish You Wouldn’t Make

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Making a personal injury claim is something not many people want to do in their lives. Firstly, it requires you to have suffered an injury due to a business’ negligence, and secondly, it’s a massive hassle.

However, if you do need to make a claim, it’s important that you pick the right lawyer for the case and don’t fall for these four assumptions that most people seem to make when it comes to personal injury cases.

“My Claim is an Easy One!”

This is possibly one of the most common misconceptions that the public has when they approach any law firm about a personal injury claim, and it’s a huge faux pas for lawyers!

Just taking a look at the case results page of expert personal injury lawyers will show you that no claim is ‘easy’ no matter how straightforward it may be. 

Brown and Crouppen, personal injury lawyers in Missouri, list a number of different cases on their website that seem so straightforward, but the defendants in the cases had gone to town trying to wriggle out of responsibility, even when the fault was theirs.

“I Don’t Need Medical Evidence!”

Is it obvious what happened to you? Could anyone see it?

While some injuries, such as a missing limb, might be fairly obvious as soon as the case is heard, you’ll need to provide the right medical evidence that supports your case and especially evidence that the injury you are suggesting from is the injury that was caused by the defendant or as a result of the defendant’s negligence.

For example, if you are unfortunate enough to lose a limb, you’d need to prove that you had that limb before encountering the defendant.

“My Family Doctor’s Medical Report is Enough!”

If you have an accident and don’t require a trip to the emergency room, you may think that just visiting your family medicine practitioner will be enough to satisfy any claim; they make notes and reports after all, right?


For a claim to be successful, you will need to have been examined by a professional accident doctor. If you need to visit the ER, there’s a chance a specialist accident doctor will have seen you, but it’s worth making an appointment with a specialist near you anyway, just to make sure you have the right info for your case.

“All Lawyers Are the Same!”

Another big faux pas that so many people make is assuming that all lawyers are the same and that any lawyer can take your case on.

You may have a family lawyer who helps you sort out your will and other family matters, but they are very unlikely to be a specialist in personal injury law, just as someone who specializes in property law isn’t going to be a specialist in either personal injury or family law.

Spend some time doing your research and get the right lawyer for your case; it will pay dividends to you in the end!

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