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The Ways Your Man Might Be Saying I Love You Without You Even Realizing It


Sometimes it can be hard to get a man to speak about how he’s really feeling. Saying the words “I love you” can be virtually impossible for some men, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t care. In fact, when men do say those three little words, it might not actually be what he means.

So, how are you supposed to tell if it’s love or not? Here are a few alternative ways your man might be showing his affections for you.

Remembering things you like:

It might not sound like much, but if he’s remembering the things you like, whether that’s your favorite place to visit or the way you like your coffee, it’s not only a sign that he cares about what makes you happy, but it shows he was paying attention in the first place. 

Gives you a gift:

Sometimes this might simply be him following the social norms, but if you feel the gift is something that took some thought, then he likely considers it to be a meaningful gift. In fact,  giving thoughtful gifts may just be the number one sign of love.

Introduces you to his family or friends:

Men don’t tend to show people off to their loved ones unless that person is pretty special to them too. If he’s introduced you to his family, then it’s likely that he thinks a lot about you.

Tries to be helpful:

A sure-fire way a man cares for you is when they try to be helpful in some way. If he is keen to fix items around your house, for example, he’s saying both that he wants to do something kind for you and that he wants you to see him as useful. 

He defends you:

If you are being attacked and he jumps to your defense, it’s usually as sign he thinks a lot of you. That’s not necessarily a physical defense, either. It could be defending your character when someone else is being unkind. 

Makes sacrifices:

This could be anything from giving you the last fries on his plate to missing out on something he really enjoys so that you can do what you want. In other words, he is putting your happiness before his own. If you’re wondering, ‘how do men show love’, it’s important to note that sacrifice might just be one of those signs.

Makes plans for the future:

If he’s making future plans with you, then you can take it he’s in it for the long haul. In fact, if he’s planning a vacation or talking about raising kids, these are signs he is sticking around.

Keeps in touch:

If he calls you when you haven’t spoken in a while, or checks in with you even when he’s busy, it shows he misses you, which is a pretty good sign he cares.

You have his attention:

If you have his undivided attention when you are talking together, it shows he is not only interested in what you are saying, but also in you as a person, too. Just because he hasn’t said those three little words yet, don’t assume it’s because he doesn’t care.

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, so it’s understandable that sometimes there might be a mismatch in communication. However, instead of waiting for the words, look out for all the little I love yuzu’s in his actions instead.

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