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Top 5 ways to improve local SEOs for business growth

Local SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool at the company’s disposal to drive web/internet traffic to their website. Visibility of search engine results is extremely important for the success of driving traffic or e-commerce. SEO is a bunch of techniques to achieve the same, In order to boost online sales or traffic, major corporations hire teams of SEO optimization engineers to optimize the webpage using various techniques. 

Google is the major search engine provider on the internet surpassing its competitors by a mile hence understanding Google’s algorithm is a key for a successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process. As the search engine develops its capabilities by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning it is important that search engine optimization techniques keep up the same pace of innovation. There are many Top SEO companies in India which offer excellent SEO services at affordable prices. 

Here are 5 ways to improve local SEOs for business growth 

1. Signing up for a GMB account:

GMB or Google my business account is the primary and most important step in the SEO optimization journey. Claiming the business on Google leads to a verified business certificate and is promoted by Google when a user searches for relevant listing. Having this account showcases your business on Google maps as a registered address and provides potential customers the ease of access to your location while using Google maps. Local businesses can also include other critical information like operating hours, holidays and approximate time to the address using your current location. 

With this account it is also possible to include other information like menus, photos of the location, reviews from past customers to spark interest amongst potential customers, so having my business account is the most important step in the SEO optimization process. Along with GMB accounts local businesses can also sign up for other premium accounts like Facebook business account or Instagram business account. 

2. Social media interaction and engagement:

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer excellent avenues to connect and communicate with the customer. Like Google my business account Facebook also has a business page and local businesses can tap on Facebook’s massive user base to drive traffic to your website. Having positive reviews on the products or services that you offer on any of the social platforms is a great way to optimize traffic. It is important that companies stay grounded and listen to its customers by actively engaging in social media. This could also include conducting events online like treasure hunt or quizzes. As the virality of the content spreads, it is ranked higher by Google’s algorithm. New age companies are already investing in a dedicated social media team to drive search engine optimization 

Potential customers look for positive reviews before signing up for a product or service hence companies can also incentivize customers by offering them a discount on their products or services in exchange for a review submitted to Google or Facebook. This will encourage customer participation and drive up the ranking and traffic. Therefore, a solid social media strategy is critical for a successful Search Engine Optimization 

3. Optimize for mobile or tablet users:

It is estimated that by the end of this decade over 75% of the traffic will be from mobile or handheld devices hence it is very important that search engine optimization has to take into account this magnanimous shift towards mobile computing. Research has concluded that companies that invest heavily to optimize their platform for mobile usage have seen significant growth in their online business as compared to traditional web pages 

Having a dedicated web page optimized for mobile will drive traffic particularly for local businesses with minimum technical support. A company with an optimized mobile web page is known to have significantly high traffic compared to a desktop version of a website displayed on a mobile browser. Google’s algorithm also takes into account the mobile compatibility and lists that particular web page above the non-compatible ones hence local businesses should consider investing in a mobile version of their webpage. 

4. Capitalize on local business directories:

Google or other multinational companies can be considered as a global business directory with heaps of information about all the products and services however for local Seos it is important to capitalize on local business directories. There are numerous companies in India that act as a local business directory, some examples are yellow pages, green book etc.

Search engine optimization in India can be boosted by listing your product or services on numerous local business directories. Google takes into account these listings along with the listings on my business account and creates a solid portfolio or search results when a user searches for a similar product or service hence it is extremely important to register on local business directories and constantly advertise through other medium like print medium to drive traffic to your web page 

5. Utilize local keywords on your webpage:

Going local has been the mantra of the 21st century, brands that have embraced these phenomena have seen significant growth in their online businesses and sales, using location specific keywords or buzzwords in the web page will definitely help to boost the traffic. 

Local slangs or words that are in a different language but relevant to the community or locality can also be used while building the web page, when a user searches for a particular product or service in their local language Google can direct the traffic to the website that has adapted local slang. Hence it is very important to be grounded and embrace the local tradition and capitalize on the rich diversity of the population during search engine optimization 

In conclusion companies that embrace and adapt excellent SEO practices tend to thrive and succeed in this brutally competitive business world. Search engine optimization especially local SEO has been gaining traction off late for the potential benefits that it offers with limited costs. Therefore companies are advised to seek the services of local best SEO companies in India for this purpose.

About The Author:

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Top SEO Services. He love to share his thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.

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