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5 Awesome eCommerce Business Ideas To Try In 2021

ECommerce Business Ideas


Over the past decade, digitalization has been a running theme. With the pandemic hitting the world most disastrously, virtual solutions are needed more than ever. From grocery shopping to running businesses, internet assistance is required everywhere. 

The word ‘business’ does not simply mean purchasing and selling of goods anymore. It now involves a large network of buying, selling, outsourcing, and service providing. Thus, companies or entrepreneurs can’t operate without the use of technology. They need to turn to eCommerce platforms to sustain their businesses. Starting out an eCommerce venture is an exciting avenue for success that brings in profit and popularity equally.  

Here are the top five eCommerce business ideas to try in 2021 to build a successful brand:

1. SEO Website

2. Website Flipping

3. Personal Shopper

4. Dropshipping

5. Subscription Box

SEO Website:

Search Engine Optimization is the topmost objective of every eCommerce company. It simply means to be visible on search results as much as possible and in the top search list for search engines like Google. Any organization can provide SEO solutions by helping with content writing, blogging, and adding designs to a website’s homepage. 

While having a basic knowledge of SEO, its tools, modules, and methodology is an important need to start this business. Page Traffic Inc is one of the award-winning eCommerce development companies California that provides these services exclusively to get more online value for businesses. 

Several companies require assistance to increase their brand value on the internet, and any person with a laptop and a functional understanding of eCommerce can provide SEO services and turn it into a whole business. 

Website Flipping:

This may be one of the most interesting ideas for eCommerce on the list. Though most people are aware of the show Sharktank, in which four entrepreneurs buy companies, improve them and then reintroduce them, website flipping is still unheard of in most parts of the world. eCommerce companies Ireland use Trademysite for selling their business websites and domains. It is slightly different from buying a company in the real world. It involves having knowledge of eCommerce development and the various tools to reintroduce a website with the objective of reselling.  

Personal Shopper:

Shopping may be a fun activity for some but for most people living a fast-paced life, shopping can be an ordeal. eCommerce development companies California are now following the lead of thredUP and investing in personal shopper based companies. These types of companies create a box with different types of styles and personalized items. 

This can be an important revolution in eCommerce since movement is restricted due to the pandemic and people need online assistance for buying clothes. These personal shopper websites can outsource themselves to big labels and create a successful name for them. 


Dropshipping is an efficient form of retail business wherein the seller merchant does not keep the goods it sells in stock, but instead purchases them from a third party to directly ship it to the customer. A website that focuses on being the middle agent and providing this service can become a huge profitable eCommerce as it is a fairly new concept for the virtual world. Many commerce development Toronto sellers are investing in companies such as Wholesale2B and SaleHoo Canada that specialize in dropshipping.

Subscription Box:

Subscription boxes are a part of marketing tactics and a method of product distribution. Subscription-based eCommerce businesses also referred to as ‘subcom’ for short, use the subscription box service for frequent delivery of niche products. 

A website that offers services and renews a person’s subscription for services by delivering products at a regular interval can be a successful eCommerce idea. Subscription boxes present a growth opportunity for businesses as they have strong consumer demand. eCommerce development companies offering subscription box services have an overseas presence and are amongst the most successful in the subscription box market. 

The Endnote:

eCommerce is an important component of our society today. From eCommerce giants like Amazon to eccentric local businesses, each and every person uses eCommerce services to simplify their lives. 

While there already exists a plethora of eCommerce business ideas on the internet, the scope for something new will always remain. Dropshipping or providing SEO services are a few trending ventures that companies can invest in. The online industry is booming right now. 

Therefore, starting or exploring eCommerce businesses is a risk worth taking. But it is not as simple anymore. With all the mentioned eCommerce business ideas, one needs to be innovative and create a business model that operates through the internet and can simplify the customers’ lives in some manner. 

For example, is well-known for outsourcing their work to SEO optimization websites to boost their business sales. All the ideas on this list are worth exploring as they require low costs but yield high profits for an entrepreneur. 

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