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All About the Turbo Gasket Kits and The Materials Used for Their Building

Turbo Gasket


If you are not sure about what materials are being used for the preparation of the turbo piping, then you can read this article to know more. Have you made the decision to turbocharge your car? This is the first step in the quest for power. This is just the very first step in a long journey. The next big milestone is figuring out what are the materials that you are going to use in your car.

The Turbo Exhaust Piping:

The Turbo Exhaust Piping is a major part of the Turbo Gasket Kit. Before you use a turbo gasket kit, you need to know about the turbocharger. It is an automobile component designed with a turbine and air compressor. It is used to emitting waste gases from an engine, and it can supply more air into the cylinders and increase the power of an engine. Firstly, you want to figure out the general area where you want your turbo up-pipe, and then you would visualize the route the pipe will have to take from the exhaust manifolds to the turbine housing.   

In the case of 4-cylinder engines, you need to run a single pipe to the turbo. V6, V8, and other larger engines in a V shape are different and require a merge of the two manifolds at some point before the turbo. The downpipe is another area of the exhaust and you need to change the turbo gasket kit in this regard. This is the pipe that takes the used exhaust from the turbine housing to the back of the car. 

Piping materials of Turbo exhaust: 

The specific materials to use for your turbo exhaust piping which is a major part of your turbo gasket kit will make or break a solid turbo piping set-up. Usage of poorly constructed or low quality steel will typically result in failure. The stainless-steel materials like 304ss or 409ss are the usual choices for most of the experienced hot-side builders. This would be best to avoid mild or aluminized steel due to its vulnerability to rusting. Both 409ss and 304ss resist rust but 304-stainless steel can perform better.  You would always aspire to avoid using crush bent piping and this particular type would kill the exhaust flow where this matters the most. You can consider using mandrel-bent turbo piping wherever it is possible. 

Turbo Exhaust Accessories: 

This is always wise to choose the stainless turbo flanges in order to resist the overall chances of heat warping and cracking. As far as the turbo gasket kit is concerned, you would always want to choose the metal gaskets for all exhaust components as these components durable and heat resistant. Cork and rubber gaskets will just melt away and result into leakages. As always, you should use the stainless-steel material for all O2 and EGT bungs. 

Piping’s in the turbo inlet: 

Most of the people are very quick to assume that the aluminum piping is best for all turbo inlets whether it is intake or intercooler. However, this is not the case always. With aluminum piping lighter than the stainless steel, and they can absorb the heat from the engine bay just like a magnet and this negatively affects the charge temps. If you are set for using aluminum, your inlet/intake piping in your turbo gasket kit, the turbo inlet is indeed the best place to do so but only in case you are using an intercooler. 


The various parts of the turbo gasket kit are made up of different materials for the best functioning and results. So, choose turbo gasket kit and get a smooth driving experience

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