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Cheer Up Your Space With A Splash Of Floral Colour

Splash Of Floral Colour


Floral paintings can never go out of style. It has been in practice for a long time, and people would still love to hang a beautiful piece of this art on their walls. Though the techniques used to make these paintings changed according to the trends, what stood solid is the concept. Some floral pictures have simple flowers, and in others, you could see other objects depicted as well.

The flower painting can fit into almost all types of interiors, but as these paintings involve a large variety of shades and textures, finding the right piece can be tricky.

Whether it is a bouquet of flowers growing in the wild, each artist has a way of depicting their unique style. Floral paintings are a vast category, and you must choose the type of paintings you need on your walls.

1. Feng shui floral paintings:

Feng shui concept of decorating walls with paintings revolves around the idea of positive energy or chi. Placing the right paintings in the right place can attract positive energy and bring about good outcomes.

Each flower has its aura and emits different kinds of energy. You do not require paintings that invite negative energy. Therefore, the placement of flowers in each room matter.

These types of floral paintings depict the flowers in their natural form. Placing Narcissus flowers in your house can bring help you climb the ladders in your career and education. Orchids can attract good luck and help the family to stick together in harmony.

2. Choosing the right painting:

Even though floral paintings showcase flowers and associated objects, you can see variations in every picture. Thus, these can be used as a base to select the paintings for your walls. For example, flowers with a flower vase would make for the right choice in the living room. While flowers on a branch can easily fit in your bedroom.

You need not necessarily follow these tips. You can also go to the opposite choice. But the colour palette matters. Floral paintings incorporate a variety of colours. Thus, these paintings can easily fit into single monochrome walls. If you have textured walls, then it is better to go for minimalistic floral paintings.

3. Opting for modern floral art:

In recent years, the collaboration of modern art  painting with floral paintings has garnered much attention. It was also an instant hit. The specialty of modern decorative art is that it is simple and at the same time, soulful. People who have a taste in minimalist artworks would fall in love with modern floral art.

You can also go to abstract floral art. These artworks have bold colours and have much more depth to the paintings. Even though this classifies as floral paintings, abstract art paintings use florals to depict emotions and striking concepts.

4. Size of the floral paintings:

People usually prefer medium-sized floral paintings to decorate the walls. But in fact, not all sizes fit all the walls. If your wall is narrow, the go for paintings that have small flowers. Opting for paintings that showcases large flowers can make the walls look crowded.

If you want to decorate a large wall, an oversized floral painting with flowers that have large petals will work magic. You can also go for paintings that contrast the wall colour. But make sure your wall, isn’t textured in this case.

Forming a pattern with mini-floral paintings is a great idea. You can mix and match florals paintings with some inspirational quotes to give an elegant look to your living space. When it comes to your bedroom, a medium-sized abstract floral art would be a great choice. Paintings that have no frame is preferred. A floral canvas painting can give depth to your walls.

If you are a fan of framed paintings, then go for thin frames. Thick frames won’t look good with the floral art and would give a feel of overcrowding.


Floral paintings have their beauty and soul which no other theme of paintings can give. If you are a fan of decorative works, then floral paintings for living room are a must in your house. Not only these are timeless classic pieces, but also is readily available. Why not create a timeline of floral paintings in your living room. You can see the variations in techniques used by artists. Get ready to be surprised by the varieties that can be brought, into this theme that provides very little room for innovation.

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