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5 Benefits of Intranet for Business


The Intranet is effectively like the Internet, but between computers in a closed system so only those with permission can access it. As a result, it has many different opportunities for organizations and businesses that want to use one compared to the Internet. There are benefits specific to businesses, almost too many to name, but the most celebrated are the following.

Share Information without Distractions:

A recent survey found that the average worker spends 209 minutes a day checking their work email and 143 minutes checking their personal email – that’s a total of five hours 52 minutes a day, a major waste of a company’s resources. When that company instead turns to an intranet system, they are able to give employees up-to-the-minute updates through a centralized page where information can be accessed. This means employees do not waste their time and energy trying to organize themselves through email and calendars – they have all their tasks, communications and deadlines on one easy-to-access page.

This increases productivity as employees need to spend less time between different platforms and are therefore less likely to get distracted by irrelevant emails. It also increases the speed of communication, as an intranet platform is designed to promote communications in workplace. It allows you to create a company newsroom, virtual HQ and other features so that all employees can access information from one source and comment and collaborate with each other quickly and easily. This can be personalized so that employees do not get distracted with irrelevant news. 

Brand Consistency:

When all members of staff are using the same pieces of information and that information carries the same brand message, you get brand consistency and staff unity that has a significant impact on your brand. Whether it is as simple as making sure that everybody has access to an up-to-date, high-resolution logo or the very latest brand marketing materials, an intranet HQ can provide all that is needed for a clear and consistent brand. 

More Innovation:

Every business should seek to innovate and employees are the best way of doing so. Making sure that your business is open to potential innovations from staff members is a great way to get a competitive advantage, and staff are much more able to innovate when they have the channels available to them. This can be done through an intranet system, which allows them to connect with each other outside of the other channels your business offers; channels which could intimidate those who are new to the company (and who carry the bonus of a fresh perspective). When your employees are truly listened to, you can get faster time-to-markets, better ideas and increased employee engagement. 

Increase Employee Engagement:

Simpplr reported a 253% increase in engagement scores at Eurostar when their intranet was used. That is how effective intranet systems can be at increasing one of the most valuable HR metrics out there. Research has found that employee engagement can have a big impact on everything from productivity rates to customer satisfaction.

Reduce the Risk of Workplace Incidences:

When a workplace incident occurs, you run the risk of a financial impact or a long-lasting reputational effect. You should do as much as you can to avoid a workplace accident. By having freely available centralized policies, procedures and compliance documents, you protect your liability as well as your workplace and your staff. 

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