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A Complete Guide For Newbies: UI/UX Design


The terms UI/UX designs, are often a source of great confusion to the beginners who do not have an idea about the two. Because of these two terms being used or merged together, people usually take these two to mean the same thing. In many instances, these two are used together to explain certain concepts, therefore making it even more difficult to differentiate between the two. These awesome ui ux design services has huge potential in future. Therefore, for distinct clarity on both these terms, we will not venture to try to explain these together. Instead, both these terms will be separated into two sections so that they are seen and understood as being distinct from one another.

UI Design:

User Interface or UI design basically represents the graphical structure pertaining to any application in question. The graphics could be anything that range from the options that are listed out on websites in the form of buttons to the content that is read on these sites. Even the visuals like imagery and the videos that are put up to promote the brand are a part of the UI design of the website. Furthermore, it also includes the transitions in the site, and the animations and interaction with customers that takes place on the site. All these micro constituents are a part of the graphics that pertain to the UI design and hence these need to be designed to promote and market the brand efficiently.

The final look of an application or website is an ode to UI design that includes even the smallest of selections like the typeface, color palette and the whitespaces that need to be left. The UI design should be pertaining to an aesthetic which makes the application or site grab the viewer’s attention and attract new audience. It is important that the design is in perfect alignment with the brand identity and conveys the purpose of the brand in an appropriate manner. Due to which everyone is trying to go for ui ux design services.

Fundamentals of UI Design:

UI design works on three important foundational principles that assist the users while interacting with it. These are –

  • Maintaining a stable interface for the application or site throughout to avoid confusion.
  • Making the users capable of regulating the interface and gain control over the interface.
  • Lessening the task of the users by depriving them of the burden of memory storage.

UI Design Tools:

  • Photoshop
  • Axure
  • Adobe Illustrator

UI Design Principles for Mobile Apps:

  • The design should be in perfect harmony with the goals such that there can be changes in the working of the app and the needs of the users can be met through the app.
  • The design should be easy to navigate for the users so that they do not have to waste time understanding the complexities of the app.
  • The design should be familiar to the users so that they do not take a lot of time to switch to the new app.

Similarly, each platform tends to have a different set of rules and principles for UI design and it is important to learn more about these when working on different designs.

UX Design:

The UX or User Experience design is concerned with a niche in technology wherein the primary focus is the engagement and interaction that the consumers participate in, on websites and applications of the products that the brand offers. UX is mainly oriented towards what the users want and their comfort while navigating the app and using it to fulfill their needs. It is geared towards increasing the efficiency of the graphic designs, making the app better.

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UX design has the following five basic constituents:

  1. It presents information about the product, helping the consumers or potential consumers gain knowledge about it.
  2. It focuses on the working and operation of the product.
  3. It provides technological support to the consumers who are facing difficulties while using the application and helps educate customers about it.
  4. It assists in updating the application to a new and better version in regular intervals so that the app keeps up with the latest technological developments.
  5. It enhances user experience such that the users feel that they are unboxing a new product.

UX design process:

The process that this design incorporates is bifurcated into five stages, although they may differ sometimes.

  • The first and foremost step is the need to analyze the target audience or the users who might be using the application such that there is clarity as to the needs that this base presents. The best way to do this is to conduct regular online surveys and interact with the customers directly. These help the designers in getting an idea about the target users, thus assisting them in formulating the users’ needs and expectations.
  • Once the first step is successfully completed and the data has been collected, the design starts. This stage basically brings about the envisioning of the designs that the application could incorporate. These are done keeping in mind the potential and target users. The content is lined up and organized for the ease of understanding, outlining the look of the site.
  • The third stage is where the trials of different designs occur so that the flaws can be taken care of. The original designs are improved even further to give the application or site a polished look. Finally, the features are double checked for any discrepancies which might hinder the user experience.
  • This stage is like a test drive for the application before it is launched with a finalized UX design. The products here are observed to ensure smooth interaction between the products and consumers. The consumers might be asked to provide feedback regarding the products. This stage assists in terminating the fallacies.
  • The last stage is a continuous one wherein even after the launch of the product, the UX design process keeps ensuring that the performance of the product does not face deterioration but keeps getting better. This stage includes user analysis which might help in improving the product. The product is frequently tested to check for any problems users might be facing while using it.

It is very important for the people to understand that ui ux design services is such an important part of the web industry which can never be left out. 

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