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5 Uses For Bale Ties You Might Not Have Thought Of


Bale ties are the unsung heroes of the manufacturing and agricultural industries. Without them, recycling would be a great deal more difficult because it would be impossible to keep all the materials separated. On the farm, a baling wire is essential for holding bales of hay, grass, and straw together.

Once you’ve used your baling wire, it’s a great idea to keep hold of it as it is incredibly long-lasting, so you’ll be able to use the same wire again and again if you’re careful. Plus, it has a lot more uses than you might think.

Fence Repair:

If you’re working in an agricultural setting, a hole in the fence could potentially cost you thousands if any of your livestock manages to escape. If you do come across any gaps in your fencing, then baling wire is a great way to temporarily keep the fence secure until you can do a more permanent fix.

You can either stretch it out and use it as a replacement wire for your fence, or use it to tie the existing wire back together, depending on the nature of the break.

Key retrieval:

Have you ever dropped your keys into a grate and been unable to get them back? It might be one of the most annoying things that can happen to you! Luckily, if you have any wire bale ties on hand, you can straighten them out, pop a piece of chewing gum on end, and then you have yourself a nice homemade key retrieval device. 

If you can poke the wire in far enough, you should be able to get the gum to stick to the keys and then carefully pull them back out through the grate.

Car repair:

One farmer has written an entire blog post praising baling wire and promoting its many uses around the farm once it’s finished its job holding bales together.

He uses baling wire as a temporary solution to mufflers dragging along the floor once their holding straps have rusted off, potentially saving a fortune because of the damage that would have been inflicted on the muffler had it been allowed to drag along the asphalt.

Other uses that the farmer found for his baling wire have been lawn mower repair and as a replacement for hook and chain arrangements on the panel gates leading into cattle fields. Apparently, the wire started as a temporary solution but has performed so well that they’ve never quite been replaced!

Chain replacement:

If you need to repair a chain, or you need a temporary length of chain, then baling wire can easily be molded into a link design. If you need to secure something down, then a baling wire chain will certainly do the job in a pinch!

Toasting marshmallows:

There’s nothing quite like toasting marshmallows over an open fire to take you right back to being a child again when you would camp out under the stars.

A length of baling wire makes a great marshmallow toasting stick because, unlike an actual stick, it won’t leave any bits of bark in your food!

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