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Only Fewer People Knows This 10 Fact About Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development


The vast majority of the population possesses a smartphone, and most of them use their handheld device for more thanks than many other tasks than just calling or messaging someone. Today’s smartphone devices work more than as small handheld computers capable of doing many things ranging from ordering food from local restaurants to shopping from a store to searching the web to booking a ride to offering a virtual library to pretty much everything. 

No wonder we are awestruck by smartphone apps’ influence and impact and their wide range of usability on our life. 

Smartphone and Tablet Numbers are Racing to Pass the PC Population:

These days more and more people, thanks to their habit of touch and gesture interactions, are preferring mobile and tablet devices over traditional personal computers. Naturally, PC sales are slowing down while the number of tablets is fast catching up the PC sales and population. From now, we can see that most companies are using tablets as the main computing devices for their workplaces instead of PCs. 

Mobile Web and Mobile E-Commerce Apps are Mostly used for Online Purchases Now:

These days the smartphone-wielding young generation is steadily becoming the largest buyer population for making purchases through their handheld devices. Most millennials give exceptional importance to the shopping experience instead of only the products and services marketed by the companies. It is the shopping experience that is creating a level playing field for brands of all sizes. 

Most of the young buyers now prefer a mobile app to make purchases over a traditional website. Even while making purchases from the web, they prefer to do it from the mobile website instead of the desktop web. All in all, they give more importance to the native mobile shopping experience for purchasing anything from the online store.  

On-Demand Apps are Spearheading the App Trends:

On-demand apps are increasingly getting popular and setting the trends for the app market in general. What started from and popularized through Uber now became a global trend. More and more businesses are coming with their on-demand apps to deliver services and products at the doorstep of their target audience. 

The Increasing Popularity of Communication Apps:

Communication apps, particularly chat messaging and video call apps, are getting extremely popular. On average, an adult user spends close to 4 and half hours using communications apps in the US alone. The time amounts to almost one-fifth of the entire day. 

Huge Spending on Gaming, Lifestyle, and Health Apps:

The mobile gaming population is continuously increasing, and mobile gamers tend to spend a lot of time and money on gaming apps. The lifestyle apps are also getting popular. In spite of the popularity, lifestyle apps have lower rates of retention. Close to 1% of the total use time on smartphone apps belongs to health and fitness apps.

Facebook Leading the Pack:

As of now, the most downloaded app has been Facebook. Other social media apps such as Twitter and Instagram are also increasingly getting popular. Google remains the undisputed leading apps for web search and YouTube for video and media streaming. Google Maps is also one of the most downloaded apps with billions of downloads. Some game apps such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and PUBG are also trending as the most popular apps in terms of download number.

Android Hosting Highest Number of Apps:

Android Play Store has the highest volume of mobile apps, closely followed by Apple’s App Store. Apple App Store has fewer apps because it is more strict on the quality of the app than the Android platform and doesn’t host poorly built apps. 

Another surprising fact is that more than half of Apple’s App store’s apps have not been downloaded even once. Though most app developers still prefer the iOS platform as their first choice, Android development is fast picking up and getting popular. 

Mobile Apps are the Most Popular Sources for News Broadcast:

Bigger than half of the population worldwide get news through mobile apps, the vast majority of people prefer BBC, CNN, Facebook, and a few other apps as the sources of news broadcasts. 

Mobile Apps Beating the Mobile Web: 

The majority of users spend most of their mobile time on mobile apps in comparison to the mobile web. Mobile apps are the most common sources of entertainment, news, communication, and information instead of mobile websites. 

The Popularity of In-app Ads and Ad-blocking Tech:

In-App ads happen to be the most popular mobile app ads. On the other hand, in-app ads are facing challenges as a monetization method because of the increasing insistence of ad-blocking technologies. Apple has already planned to incorporate ad-blocking tech as part of the mobile user experience in the years to come. 

The Rise of India as the Second Biggest Mobile App Market:

India has emerged as the second biggest mobile app market following the US. According to all estimates and reports, the vast majority of web traffic is generated through mobile apps. India is already on the verge of becoming the mobile First Nation with the largest mobile web users’ volume. 

On the other hand, Indian app developers also cater to the market demands with the widest variety of app niches. Indian app developers are also sought after because of the most varied range of skill sets, expertise, and capabilities to cater to app projects of any budget. 


Mobile apps are already inseparable from our everyday lives. People use mobile apps pretty much for everything and anything, ranging from entertainment, gaming, communication, news, mobile payment, shopping, and all kinds of on-demand services. The app market populated by billions of apps produces billions of dollars for the app development companies. As the situation stands, apps will not be obsolete anytime soon or in the near future. The above-mentioned facts about mobile apps and the app market only refer to this irreplaceable role of the mobile app ecosystem. 

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