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Is A GPS Work Time Clock Right For Your Business?


If you’re in the market for a new time tracking solution, there are a few things that should be considered when looking at implementing a work time clock with GPS features. Sure, there are privacy concerns, but most of those can be addressed by only tracking your employees while on company time.

If you’re unsure whether or not you need GPS work tracking software, here are a few of the considerations you should think about when deciding if one is right for your business. 

Do you have employees who work out in the field?

If you have employees who work out in the field, having a GPS work time clock can help you make sure that your employees are where they are supposed to be and that they are getting work done.

One of the main issues with employees who work off-site or remotely is ensuring that they arrive to work and are on task. By using a time clock with GPS features, you can track an employee’s location to make sure they aren’t handling personal affairs or stealing time. 

Not only that, with an online work clock you can track an employee and reroute them in real-time if you need a more mobile workforce. This makes for a more fluid and dynamic working environment, rather than having mobile employees return to the office to pick up assignments or new job details. 

Do you have multiple worksites/locations?

A GPS work time clock is ideal for workplace situations where you need to manage multiple locations simultaneously. With GPS tracking, you can accurately see where employees are at all times and use that information to plan out your day and adjust schedules as needed. 

With a GPS job clock, you can also more fluidly move employees from one place to another and address staffing issues from worksite to worksite without the need for tedious backtracking and extra paperwork. Additionally, if you have employees who work outside, you can provide them with safety information, such as inclement weather heading their way. 

Are you overwhelmed by overtime costs?

Managing your employees’ hours more effectively will save you a lot of money in overtime costs by being able to adjust the workload to fit the workforce you have. You can call in additional help or shift around personnel to meet demand without the need for countless hours of overtime. 

By having more control over your workforce, you will ultimately reduce the need for overtime, thereby reducing your overall labor costs and improving productivity and profits in the process. 

Could you stand to improve accountability and productivity?

Keeping employees motivated and productive is a problem for any business. A work time clock is one way to ensure that employees are held accountable for each minute spent on the clock and, therefore, more productive. 

Since their location and hours are tracked automatically, employees have to make sure they are always on task in order to get paid. Being that all work hours and breaks are recorded, employers can check location data and productivity records and adjust payments as needed if an employee is caught wasting company time. 

By holding workers more accountable for their remote employee time tracking process, you can significantly improve productivity across your workforce. Employees who would be inclined to steal time or be unproductive are incentivized not to, and other employees feel that things are fair and balanced, thus allowing them to perform their best. 

Do you experience frequent time tracking and payroll errors?

Manually team time tracking with a diverse and mobile workforce is difficult even under the best of circumstances. Often you will find that there are errors in your time tracking and subsequently in your payroll. This can lead to several issues such as payroll disputes, inaccurate records, labor law violations, etc. 

Having a work time clock that automatically tracks time and processes payroll will simplify your business and eliminate many of these issues. This allows you to focus on being profitable and not on scheduling and payment issues. 

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