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What we publish

Tellakos publishes content in these seven categories:

Tech & software
Science and Technology

If you Want To Submit Your content Please Be Sure First Write About my 7 Category ,

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We are looking for original contributions covering all aspects of these categories that will be of interest to the modern Indian. Contributions can be in the form of informative and authoritative opinions, commentary, narrative writing, original reporting, photos essays, interviews, bi-weekly/monthly columns, and explains.

Your submission should be catered to a wide audience (please avoid jargon or technical language) and should stick to one topic or idea.

How to submit

If you’d like to submit an original piece for us to consider for publication, please email us at fakharaliseo321@gmail.com.

Alternatively, if you would like to send us a story pitch, or discuss an article or column idea, please send a short description to Jack gaibal , our Editorial Head, at jackgaibal09@gmail.com.

Please be aware that all submissions are not automatically accepted for publication. If your idea or submission is a good fit for Tellakos, we’ll be in touch.

Some submission guidelines

  1. All submissions must be original

  2. Opinions, commentary, narrative writing and original reporting must be 700 to 1500 words in length. Interviews and explainers can be of a longer length.

  3. For photo essays, please send high resolution images as email attachments or through a web transfer link
    Submissions should be made in a Word document rather than a PDF.

  4. Please provide a short title for your submission.

  5. Please include in-line hyperlinks of all sources. We do not publish endnotes and references.

  6. Please use British English Please include a one-line bio along with your Twitter handle (if you have one) when submitting your article.