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Twisted Metal 4 on PS3


The Twisted Metal franchise initial appeared back in ’95 on the PlayStation one and clothed to be an enormous success with future releases on the PS2. this can be currently eighth game at intervals this in style vehicle combat franchise. This outrageous vehicle-combat title could be a PlayStation three only-title, and this athletics game is sort of a demolition chapeau however with guns.

Participants race across varied tracks in extreme vehicles outfitted with varied varieties of implements of war the victor for every contest is that the sole racer living.

In the campaign story of Twisted Metal gamers arrange to win Calypso’s ‘Last Man Standing Tournament. every event course is really a piece of ground having a post-apocalyptic scene to boot the athletics surroundings themselves square measure destroyable.

There square measure seventeen provided vehicle-types to settle on from per race and each vehicle square measure simply changed – employing a vast variety of obtainable modifications for all vehicles alongside an enormous alternative of weapons.

Players play collectively of 4 playable characters

(Dollface, appetence, The preacher man or mister. Grimm)with each character having a definite game-story with three doable conclusions.

This game includes a Co-Op possibility whereby 2 players might get pleasure from the most campaign mode hand and glove. Multi-player is well catered for, and there square measure seven offered multiplayer modes with up to sixteen gamers will participate in multiplayer contests Buy from here.

Twisted Metal conjointly contains a split screen possibility providing a four-player split screen game-mode for offline games and a 2-player split screen possibility in online games.


4 Characters to settle on From – The four playable personas for the campaign story square measure appetence (from The Clowns) Mr. Grimm (from The Skulls), Dollface (from The Dolls) and also the preacher man (from The Preachers). every offered character possesses its terribly own distinct plot, beside 3 doable conclusions supported decisions provided by the gamer.

Outrageous Vehicle sorts – Twisted Metal has seventeen vehicle sorts to pick out from with every vehicle sort having its terribly own arsenal of weapons. Vehicle sorts incorporate Sweet Tooth’s notable ice-cream truck that transforms into an enormous automaton the Reaper that is mister.

Grimm’s motorbike Juggernaut that is Associate in Nursing eighteen wheeled semi-truck, warrant that could be a Ford pony, swine that could be a tank that contains an automotive on high of it claws that could be a helicopter) and Shadow that could be an automotive vehicle.

Vehicle Modification – each vehicle-type is also changed utilizing a large variety of customization choices to settle on from also as a large vary of implements of war. Vehicle power-ups may also be collected whereas athletics.

Various Multi-Player Game Modes

The sport includes seven multi-player game-modes which can be enjoyed online or through the offline split-screen possibility by up to four gamers. enclosed multi-player modes square measure Last Man Standing Death Match Hunted Nuke Team Last Man Standing, Team Death Match and Team afraid. Up to sixteen gamers might play in multiplayer matches.

Destructible Environments – Gamers square measure ready to race over eight distinctive maps, with each game-map incorporating a range of parts that square measure destroyable. Gamers will even destroy huge objects as an example a Ferris wheel a roller-coaster and the sculpture of Liberty.

The official launch date for Twisted Metal is scheduled for Feb seventeenth and shall be discharged solely on Sony PS3. The game is revealed by Sony PC diversion and Eat Sleep Play were the developers for the game.

The PEGI rating given to the game is PEGI eighteen, so the sport is appropriate for ages eighteen and upwards. This game can have multiplayer support, and up to sixteen gamers might play.

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