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The latest google play game Hidden Ruins Adventure Escape Free Download


Waiting for finding human development which is always a way of life. Its design is terminated when an anti-classical Larisa with its help of Les surveillance forces its direction on the scene. Will you have the ability to prevent Laura before fortunate yourself.

Ra-heel is a young man with a wealthy rich man under which a trustworthy neighbor guide and Peter is a technological virtue with unusual love of automotive.

A huge number of players

Passionate adventure escape Join a huge number of players and check that you can escape from hidden veins.

1- Pretty design breathable life in the development of the human beings.
2- Find out the condition of the jungle and disguise the stories behind this disturbing place.
3- Solve naughty aspects and motivation.
4-Get the full bending for free You do not have to pay anytime.
5- Collect apparatuses and things to help you escape.
6- Memorable characters.
7- Find hidden objects that have helped you to escape.
8- it’s free! No entries, no problem, easily downloaded and playing.

Discover the internal facts of the adventure escape Secret Jump Can you succeed in detecting the long run of humanity development Free Download from here.

-What is our players.

-Just Escape From Sports Recreational s.

-Interests of love from this plot.

-I love these variables. It’s the best quality of their kind in the app store.

About hockey games

We are a little independent diverse studio that is making problems. Our adventure escape  has been played by a huge player management. Explanation of murder in the frame for murder extraordinary surprise research in Carnival midnight, and time spent in time library. Scan for Handicap Variants to find us Find out More fun..

Additional information

Updated                                           Installs                                                  Current Version
November 9, 2017                        1,000,000 – 5,000,000                                  1.12
Requires Android                            Content Rating         Interactive Elements
4.0.3 and up                                  Rated for 3+            Digital Purchases
In-app Products                               Offered By
Rs 110 – Rs 3,650 per item              Haiku Games

How it is popular in the public

1-) It’s pretty fun! I like the variety of characters. A little slow on the controls but at least no quick-time events.
2-) For each hints the number of stars increasing is some what not good And also the game lacks some information while playing and due to that most will leave the game. So try to keep the player in the game with new ideas…
3-) Ok game I will get half way through a chapter but there no save or checkpoint. When have to turn it off I have to start the chapter again.Hints good bit a little more useful because currently they only tell you what you know not how.

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