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How To Transfer Data from a Flash Drive to a Computer


The Mac-book professional and i Mac area unit two totally different models of the Macintosh computers that area unit created by Apple. There are four totally different versions of i Mac desktop computers clearly every known by their processor sort whereas the road of raincoat professional laptops has remained consistent fairly throughout its life.

It doesn’t matter that i Mac you own, Apple has truly created it plenty easier to transfer the info between the Macs. The items you’d want for transferring the info are:

USB flash drive or the external disk drive

Fire-wire cable

Transferring the info

Produce one new folder. you’ll do thus by pressing ‘Command + Shift + N’ on desktop of i Mac so name it as ‘Transfer’. Drag all information that you simply want to migrate into the ‘Transfer’ folder.

Highlight this ‘Transfer’ folder and click on it just the once. choose the ‘Get information…  underneath File menu otherwise you will click the ‘Command + I’. Window that may open goes to point what proportion quantity of knowledge this folder contains. you’d ought to understand this within the next step thus build a note of this.

Double-click on disk drive of raincoat professional. the number of disk drive house that is free is indicated at heart of this window.There’s another methodology for the determination of free space you’ll either press the ‘Command + I’ or highlight the disk drive of the laptop computer and choose the ‘Get information… ” underneath File.

If the full quantity of free house of your Mac-book professional is larger as compared to the scale of ‘Transfer’ folder, you’ll still ensuing step. If not, you’d either got to take away a number of the files from ‘Transfer’ folder on i Mac’s desktop or delete a number of the files from the raincoat professional.

T key Revive your raincoat professional

Revive your raincoat professional whereas you hold down ‘T’ key. it’d boot within the Fire Wire’ mode and your screen would show Fire-wire icon. Then attach Associate in Nursing finish of the Fire-wire cable to Fire-wire jack on i Mac and different finish to Fire-wire jack on Mac-book professional.

Look out for the disk drive of Mac-book professional, indicated by Fire-wire icon, for mounting on I Mac’s desktop. simply just in case, if it doesn’t seem, then choose ‘Preferences’ underneath the ‘Finder’ and confirm that the ‘External disks’ possibility is checked aloof from underneath General tab.

Mac-book professional

Drag your ‘Transfer’ folder from Mac’s desktop to disk drive of Mac-book professional. Once this file is finished repeating, eject disk drive of Mac-book professional by clicking the ‘Eject’ icon within the form of a triangle or dragging it to the trash.

By pressing power key, power down Mac-book professional and disconnect Fire-wire cable. revive it currently and you’d see the folder of ‘Transfer’ on the disk drive. At such purpose|some extent|a degree} you’ll currently move the files to any point you wan on your Mac-book professional More information pick from here.

There’s Associate in Nursing-other methodology for transferring the files is to use an external disk drive or a flash drive. Plug drive into i Mac copy the folder of ‘Transfer’ thereto so disconnect it once it’s finished repeating. Attach it to Mac-book professional and additionally copy files on to your laptop computer.

Before transferring information

Slim the ‘Transfer’ folder down. you’ll do thus by deleting any redundant or duplicate files. don’t delete files from the i Mac till you have got confirmed that they need derived with success to raincoat memory. Apple has created the raincoat series computers with superb raincoat ram; the raincoat professional memory could be a living example of that.

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