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Android Software Versions Honeycomb And Ice Cream Sandwich


Android Honeycomb (Android 3.0):

Honeycomb (Android 3.0) is a capable programming created for tablets. It is really the primary tablet form of Android. When you get the opportunity to utilize a tablet with honeycomb, you will understand that it doesn’t have the physical catches, which can be found on generally gadgets.

Google made the Home Back and Menu virtual catches accessible on the screen while the Search catch has been expelled as of now. The Home, Back and Menu catches can be seen on the lower left of the unit. These catches decrease their sizes as far as pixel thickness while a couple of utilization are running all the while.

The framework

The framework bar sits on the base of the screen. The delicate route catches are on its left side. With this, you can see status notices and announcements. On the off chance that you require some additional space on your screen it can be limited.

Android 3.0’s activity

Android 3.0’s activity bar is at the highest point of the screen which shows setting delicate alternatives and drop down menus. This vanishes when there isn’t any application that is open. It has five home screens, which you can tweak as indicated by what might be critical to you. Honeycomb gives another visual format that can change the page effectively and include drop shadows or other visual signs.

Multi-entrusting is a stunning capacity of any contraption or gadget and Honeycomb can do this brilliant expertise. Another Recent Apps list is accessible in the framework bar. This element enables you to see your past movement for every one of the application that you were utilizing before you limited the screen for another application.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich  (Android 4.0)

The most recent rendition of the Android working framework, Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), consolidates both the telephone and tablet working frameworks. Not exclusively does it help with similarity on all Android gadgets, yet it offers some new highlights also. Here are 5 hints for the new Android ICS working framework.

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Voice Commands 

Everyone thinks about Siri with Apple, yet Android has really had voice orders for momentarily. Voice Actions let you call companions, send messages, get headings, set alerts, and play out a few other normal undertakings by basically talking into your telephone. To initiate Voice Action summons, tap on the mouthpiece that shows up in the inquiry bar on the highest point of your home screen. At that point talk the charge into the telephone.

Swipe to Close Apps 

Android 4.0 offers another and natural approach to close applications that are running on your gadget. Tap on the multi-assignment catch on your gadget and you will see a rundown of all running applications. To close an application, basically swipe the symbol for that application to one side or right.

Program Tips – The stock web program that accompanies ICS is very great and is a major change over past stock Android web programs. With the program open, long push on the back secure to bring your Bookmarks, History, and Saved Pages. Spared pages are particularly helpful in light of the fact that you can see them disconnected.

Additionally, add Quick Controls to give you more space for your program and simple access to your program controls. Open the default web program and tap on Menu > Settings > Labs > Quick Controls. Presently just slide your finger from the left or right edge of the screen to raise a snappy control board. Here you can get to the tabs you have open, the URL bar and menu.

Warning Bar

In ICS, there are a couple of new highlights including the notice bar. To begin with, you are currently ready to get to the warning bar from your bolt screen. When you get a warning, you can swipe down on the notice bar without opening your telephone. This will spare you a few seconds each time.

Likewise, you now can reject a warning with a swipe of your finger. At the point when a warning shows up in the bar, just swipe your finger left or ideal to expel it.

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Take a Screenshot 

Unlike with the iPhone, taking a screen capture with an Android telephone was not a simple errand. Beforehand with Android, keeping in mind the end goal to take a screen shot on your telephone, you would need to root your telephone and afterward introduce a different application so as to catch the screen capture.

Presently with ICS, you can undoubtedly bring a screen capture by holding down the Power catch and Volume Down catch. You can discover the screen captures in the display on your gadget.

This rundown contains only 5 of the cool new traps with Android’s most up to date working framework, Ice Cream Sandwich. Google is at present during the time spent taking off ICS to a few Android gadgets.

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